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Oh Thomas!


How do we solve a problem like Thomas?

Poll closed 1st October 2010.
Negotiate with him. 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Thomas the Wank Engine. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Let's put up with him. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Ban Thomas. 5 vote(s) 38.5%
Do nothing. 6 vote(s) 46.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Thomas Member

    no, I ony added reactions to sentences, I didn't claim you wouldn't react to the added sentence. I didn't all type in one post because of the shock generated by the multitude of reactions coming at the same time so it's easy for you to say that when I am the one attacked in the thread. I had to wait long time before being able to read everything and I asked jw to close the topic and unfortuneately it's still there. I wrote I was not a villain without accusing others to be villains either. I was also honest and not rude. Saying to someone his opinion doesn't matter to you after an attack about yourself is not rude, it is to manage the shock. And I was attacked first with vulgar words ("Bullshit" (in relation to a theory), qf). So he first had such sentences with me.
  2. Thomas Member

    I have the right to take my defence if I am attacked on my being, the subject was me and I didn't ask for this thread, a thread can live psychological embers on the person concerned so I really beg for it to be removed and I had progressively started not to come and I came after the injection thing but I will not take any risks after this thread. I took my defence by saying that it doesn't matter to me (meaning because you wouldn't listen and because the subject is me, it is not as if we were discussing another subject). I didn't use vulgar words or called you by insults, I am not exagerrating since I was shocked and felt insulted before and I could not find sleep and still I would not insult and I have the right to defend myself by saying that it's not an insult and I can make read by doctors the documents and they will tell me that I didn't harm and you cannot accusing me of insulting and I felt insulted first yet I didn't accuse other people using words like "harm" or "insult" because you cannot switch the meaning of my sentences and deciding that these sentences are insults. so I felt insulted so it won't change my opinion if you tell me that you feel insulted since I felt insulted first and am in extreme suffering since yesterday in the evening, it is the truth it is how I feel and if I feel insulted I have the right to take my defence and even if you felt insulted I felt insulted too before and that will not change too so I'm not gonna have someone making me feel like the villain. also it is hard to type when you're in shock state.
  3. Thomas Member

    yes but I was clearing the situation and it's not ological emblike I would come and write paranoid comments everyday and my point is that a thread like this can leave psychological embers and that it should be blocked and then removed. there are sentences I could not forget from this thread and so it is not easy when you have a voice scaring you even when you're not connected and it's not the majority of people so I am not bad since I can still admit into paranoid reactions because I can't handle the teasing, like the smiley thing. but there is also bullying and I have my person history with each one so it is not teasing for everyone, things like smiley-related teasing, jokes, or me being called Lopez, or B&F, and so on, ok, I am aware that it is teasing but the rant are meant to relieve myself, as if I needed to reply back by calling the people who called me something by the same thing, so it was to take my defence and it is extreme reaction to teasing but the problem is that it was hard to get defense when I was bullied and not teased because when someone is well-integrated in the group it is hard to ask for protection cos he wouldn't be warned cos he is liked, and I can distinguish between teasing and bullying.
  4. Thomas Member

    I mean I know you meant well but the messages I posted in the chat weren't accusations, but self-defence messages, someone called me something, and I called them that hing back (which were not swearing words btw). I left only to protect myself and people had possibility to write me back and as to the injection, it was a forum injection that was problematic for me, because forum injection stays there whereas chat injection you can get aware that it's an injection if you know the chat, but ty for understanding that it is hard on me this thread. it i s dangerous as to bullying history but then it's minority and i would need the transcripts.
  5. Thomas Member

    soomeone pls help I was going to try and go out tonight but that can happen only if it is closed. pls if only this thread hadn't been created i was really nearly not coming anymore.
  6. My opinion.

    I've read this forum between the lines or so to speak now. Many things have been coming forward and getting your opinion, Thomas, has also been a good add to the discussion.

    What I see is going on here is that the main chatters here are getting a bit tired of Thomas coming in and out, attacking a member and then leaving. Also sounding needy and desperate in a way which can kill down the mood in the chatroom. The responses have been very "random" in a way. Some make fun of it, some take it seriously and some ignore it, but in what way it affects "us" all.

    The hard thing is, that this is the internet-world and people are bolder and not as shy as they most likely are in real life. If you think about it, aren't there some things you have said online that you would NEVER dare to say out loud if you were meeting this people face-to-face.

    I must say that DIngo and Nick do have a point even if it can sound unfair against Thomas. But I guess nothing is really fair. Otherwise things would be quite a boring wouldn't they.

    My opinion for a solution here is getting as many members as possible to vote in this poll. I believe in this kind of democracy and I think that the results of this poll should be the final solution and then we can ALL move forward no matter how the results will be.

    Yours; Johanna.
  7. Thomas Member

    hello, no I replied back when I was teased or sometimes bullied and I ddidn't attack but I was replying back. my point is that there is no need for a thread to clear such a thing and that in other forums threads are erased when it shocks someone,
  8. Eurovizz Member


    is good.
  9. Thomas Member

    i have to take my defence here. some people used smileys and then I replied back by saying they were the smileys themselves and left, and then I mentioned the people who had named me with that smiley saying they were the smiley, to relieve the fact they started referring to me with the smiley. so thats why i have to disagree and say it wasnt an attack and also i stopped gradually coming but something new happened in my profile comments its the only reason that made me come back so I already stopped coming and I dont know if profile comments can be disabled. so no need to take sides, some people sent me nice messages cos some terms used made it look more dramatic and as if I was bad, it was also partly to make it more equilibred cos they maybe felt I spent all my time on this and they sent it and I believe this thread should be removed.
  10. RE:Thomas

    Thomas, as everywhere there are few "unwritten yet followed" rules in internetchat. People use smileyfaces to show their feelings and what they ment by their sayings. Just like you use your face when you are talking to other people in real life.

    Those "unwritten yet followed rules" are the rules who control the world. We just have to accept it.
  11. Eurovizz Member

    Thomas now it's September and you're still feed up with me using wrong smiley towards you, dude this happened like in May or June, it's like last year for me.
  12. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    I think the members have each had an opportunity to express their relevant feelings on this situation, ultimately any decision for Thomas to leave or withdraw would have to be undertaken by him himself, there are no grounds to ban someone just because you don't like them or don't like what they say or do without breaking the rules.

    I don't see any reason how this thread could be constructive and I'm not at home to be able to "police" it enough, hence why I have not had an opportunity to interject or to explain my position on this situation, nor have I had chance to reply to Thomas's requests for a thread closure before now.

    I can understand both sides but ultimately I see no way forward with this thread. It has served its purpose now, everyone knows what you all think of Thomas and he has had an opportunity to respond.

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