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  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    Well, I have a suggestion. How about if we had a rule that the host doesn't participate in the contest?
    The winner hosts and qualifies automatically for the next one but doesn't submit a song in the contest he hosts.
    In that way, noone could say that his votes would influence someone as not to vote for him.
    Just an idea :P

    PS That would also mean that noone could host 2 or 3 contests in a row thus allowing for more ppl to host.
  2. Almila i am what i am

    totally agreed with dingo!n amazin plans for next editions jw!n anette ofc i trust u for ur edition.
  3. Almila i am what i am

    i really liked ur idea mina.but the winner should have a right to compete directly in the final also.maybe his-her aq right can be kept n used for the next edition if the sf system remains ofc
  4. I also go with Dingo :)

    Thank you Almila ;)
  5. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Or a radical suggestion... make the contests hostless! (Well, still attribute the contest as being held in the country of the last winner, but make it so that the winner doesn't have to do any hosting duties).


    Well, it would take a bit of time to set up (though not as long as the gap was between #6 and #7) but instead of e-mailing details of a song to the host, instead enter the details on a form on the contest page. That would then automatically check the song against a list of previous entries to make sure it's valid, and automatically add it to the player (which would be hidden until the set date for the songs to be revealed).

    Then, on a specific date, all the registered songs at that time become available for playing, with voting opening for x days, at which time the SF qualifiers become automatically known, then voting commences for the final for a further x days and the results can be published.

    Of course, automation in such a way would mean the contest dates would have to be less flexible, e.g. saying "each new contest starts on the 1st of every month" or "voting will open on the first Monday of every month and close on the first Saturday of every month" so it can operate without a host time after time. There would have to be absolutely no exceptions to this rigid schedule for automation to work without user intervention. It would also mean that nobody has to operate it, thus if the winner of the last contest was sick or absent it wouldn't matter.

    It might be impersonal but it'd give everyone a level playing field as the system would handle the song submission, voting and results automatically without allowing anybody to get information about the voting patterns beforehand or while the voting window is open -- and it could even automatically make a video of the results ready for livestream so people without skills to create a show don't feel left out and the shows would always be of the same standard (better than Scorewiz at least :P) and - most importantly - hosting would not ever feel like a chore/unwelcomed burden or hassle for the winner.

  6. Mina Member with a "past"

    Jw, I really like your idea :D
  7. Eurovizz Member

    Jw i like your idea :D:D
  8. Scheeples ©

    YAY! :D

    But all of that sounds more complicated than trying to winch a 50-stone man out of his bedroom to get to the local hospital for a gastric-band op. I trust you know what you're taking on.
  9. YAY :) though it sounds complicated to me too :S
  10. Almila i am what i am

    Wowza its totally complicating haha but im sure whats he talkin about n takin on,im just not sure if we can all stick to the schedule but yay ish!
  11. Liam Esterran.

    Well the first part was using the logic of the argument that people are going to vote emotionally based on who voted for them, the second part was saying I think we're all mature enough to ignore that, which would include ignoring the first part of my suggestion ^^

    In response to jw's idea, lets try it at least, it can't hurt, i'm worried It might take away the very thing that made this contest so individual though. But still, if the individuality is becoming a pain in the arse for the host, where's the good in that?
  12. Almila i am what i am

    well said Liam ^^
  13. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    On jw's idea: I vote YAY :D It sounds like alot of work, so don't go to too much effort jw, we're probably not worth it lol :D But in all seriousness, that sounds great and arguement-less, so if its possible I think it'd be worth a shot :)
  14. Alex Identified Flying Object

    If we have no host , will someone still check the votes?
    Or there will still be the esctoday-like-ranking-voting?
  15. Arben The Flag Lover

    i like that idea too, but if we do so we should concentrate on the "TOP-list" (which isnt updated after contests) more then we do now...

    as one winning aim (hosting) is gone then... :)
  16. Dingo "Who's Online" page Fan#1

    JW's idea is quite good.. I have mentioned before that the contest could be integrated into the site but there was always the fear that JW could lose his intellectual property through doing this. Anyone remember? I can't see it happening anyway. It's also good because it takes into account something I hadn't thought of.. that even if the host can't see rankings during voting, he/she could still change them while making the contest.. once again unlikely and stupid though :P.

    I thought about this too. I think it could get a bit clinical and robotic if there is nobody to host and put their stamp on each contest.. almost as if it's just a big contest machine and we are operators dropping our songs onto the conveyer belt to be manufactured each month. That said, maybe it could be arranged that the proposed contest model could have a couple of places for the 'host' to add intro/commercial break videos and choose the background/colour scheme of the scoreboard, which would keep the uniqueness and creativity.

    I am just throwing a few ideas in the air, so please don't think I am demanding this :P.
  17. Almila i am what i am

    ive never thought that before..liam n dingo r so right.it would be a robotic contest without the host,problem is we-people-r screwin it.wish we could keep the host but well we will see.a planned,robo contest sounds like competing n tryin to get a good result is the only aim.it never was n will never be for me.im lookin for fun,dont care what happens.unfortunately caus of dramas,suspicous thoughts our contest is becomin a boring thing without a soul n fun.if being smt in the contest is more important n if u accept it to change this way with less fun vote for jws last idea.but im not pleased of things goin this way
  18. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Why'd it be less fun? Isn't it all about sharing music people like etc etc? That's still there! And as Dingo suggested, the last winner could influence some of the procedure (if he/she wanted) e.g. picking the background colours, any commercials, whatever, but if not the system would do it itself randomly.

    Remember, #1 to #6 didn't have any show at all. They were still fun, weren't they? :D
  19. What if we just trusted each other :D
  20. Almila i am what i am

    actually after the last few shows,goin back to a robo show is so meh.besides the fun its like the overage sex.once in a month,u will be there n just do it.wheres the soul?but if this system is gonna keep the chat n friendship at a better level im in then

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