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  1. Well, all in all I'm very happy! The stage and performances have made up for some very erm...sub-standard songs :P

    Personal Favourites
    1. Iceland - simply beautiful
    2. Portugal - great song, best backing images ever :D
    3. Armenia - LASERS FTW!!!

    Notice Sweden is not there because I am not impressed one bit. I am however still going to be voting for Malena like a Turk, I will be devastated if she doesn't qualify but I wont be surprised if Sweden grace the bottom regions of the scoreboard this year...maybe then Christer will shake up the performances a bit in between MF and ESC in the future.

    I'm also hoping to see Switzerland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Malta, Finland (for Mina) and then maybe Belgium and Israel but I'm not really fussed, I will vomit blood if Bulgaria or the Czech Republic make it and crazy for Hadise has gotta be in there somewhere...unfortunately -.-
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OK i've got some catching up to do!!!

    Portugal: Vocally its very good, the graphics are great BUT its going to be totally forgotten. The performance has no stage prescence and theres no reason why people will remember it. Maybe it'll get the jury vote.

    Malta: Simply amazing!! The graphics were fab and if it doesn't make the final it'll be a travesty!

    Bosnia: Lets be honest, this does have winner written all over it. The vocals are near perfect, the graphics are great and on stage its works very very well. It should defo be top 5 in the final at least.
  3. MILKshake  

    well i liked the Malta 's rehearsal, you can tell me biased or not but Chiara has the best voice in this contest and maybe that it is why lots of eurovsion fans call her as "the voice" but that it is just my opinion of course... about the background thingy i'd like to say that the Maltese deleagations in Moscow did not like it at all and they are trying to change it cos they said that it does not suite to the song...
  4. Croatia
    Hmmm, I'm left feeling rather confused after this one, but I think it's due to the fact I don't know the song too well. On one hand, the vocals are good, the camera work (what I saw of it) looked very suitable for the performance, I'm liking the over-dramatic hand movements and WE HAVE WIND MACHINE ACTION PEOPLE, but on the other hand the graphics and lighting seem to go against everything I feel when I listen to the song. It's like all the passion has been frozen and hidden in the dark but I think it's a dark horse for qualification.

    Wow the graphics are rather awesome :D oh wait, no they seem to die about 2 minutes through the song. Once again, the stage looks far too big but maybe the camera work will counter that. Not impressed by Sinéad's singing and someone needs to turn down the backing mics but she does a first and walks to the very front of the stage plus, more awesome wind machine action! Carola would be proud!

    Latvia (first time I've ever made it the whole way through that song)
    Hehe :) I like the opening choreography and there's some good ideas for the lighting/LED screens - very colourful. Vocals are practically non-existent, from what I can fathom it's just random shouting in Russian and the whole thing basically falls apart after 30 seconds (ewww, and there is some Krassi-screaming thrown in there just to make sure there's no danger of them reaching the final). It rather reminds me of a scaled-up version of "Dziesma par laimi" (Latvia 2004) except it's not as good and doesn't have a tune - either way no-one understood them back in 2004 and once again, no-one but the Russians are going to understand it, and even then, they have better neighbours to vote for. I will be very surprised if this makes it.
  5. Serbia
    Muahahahahaha :D the massive stage has practically obliterated this one! It's removed the quaint, eccentric charm and exposed for what it really is - a load of shite. Vocals are crap, choreography is messy, the images on the screens are frankly bizarre o_O Part of me thinks this is coming 17th - the other half thinks it will be Croatia 2008 all over again, except the old man has become the afro+accordion. I want to write it off, but I just can't...

    When Poland and Iceland chose their songs, I hated them both (shock horror :o) but Iceland has proved to be a grower, I mean a real grower and is now my number 3 behind Sweden and Estonia, and could even top the list after the TV performance. The point is, whereas Yohanna has become my Queen of 2009, Lidia has done nothing but irritate me more and more. Her performance is frozen solid. She's focusing so much on keeping her barely-audible, barely-tuneful vocals in check that she fails to do anything but stand there, eyes shut, catching bits of dust with her hands. The lighting seems to be a 'no-no' for Poland this year, and they've resorted to the ballet gimmick to try and save this...it ain't working.

    What is really left to say about this that Mark hasn't already said? The LED projections are daft and look like an exploding Christmas tree...yep, that's about it...

    EDIT: Oh yes, I've thought of something else. For 2 of the richest, most developed nations in Europe, Norway and Sweden seem to have a real problem with putting any effort into changing the performances from their NF to Eurovision...they never learn! :P
  6. Hehe, I'm basically the only one on the site atm, so everybody gets a chance to read my comments and laugh when they come back from work/school :D yay!

    The one question on everybody's mind: the vocals. They are greatly improved from the NF, they're not bad at all, really nice in fact with only slight problems here and there. However, there is still a touch of fragility and in front of packed stadium, with the cameras rolling I fear Christina will crack, destroying the vocals and shattering any hopes Cyprus had of a place in the final. Anyway, I hope for the best because it is a really beautiful, delicate performance; the LED screens are whimsical and it really reminds me of elves in an enchanting forest. Here's hoping ;)
  7. Kevin New Member

    Croatia - I rather liked it, his vocals have improved, and it looked nice, the images seemed to fit, a possible qualifier

    Ireland - Well i'm not that fond of the song. The vocals were not that good, and the perfomace was a bit static. The background was nice though (I like the enigma thingy). Won't qualify

    Latvia - Crazy, his vocals were not so good, but the women sounded good. The backdrop was nice. Might not qualify

    Serbia - Another crazy song. Was ok, but seemed a bit tacky. Vocals wern't so good. As its Serbia, it might qualify though :(

    Poland - such a boring song. Vocals were alright, but nothing spectacular. The performance and stage looked nice though. If For Life only just made the final, i can't see this qualifying.

    Norway - Annoying! The performance was identical to MGP, at least with Sweden it was slighlty different. The vocals are alright, the background was alright. In theory it should sail through to the final. But i have my doubts. I see this as the failiure song of the year.

    Cyprus - OMG! Im so impressed. The vocals wern't bad. And she span on a box! (i would have laughed it she got so dizzy she fell off though). The stage presentation looked awsome! I can really see this qualifying now :)

    Slovakia - WOW! this has really impressed me! It looks amazing, and their vocals were great. It should qualify. But how many people will votre for this? And with so many ballads in this semi final, it could face competition.

    Denmark - I love this song, and the performance was good with the fireworks, and his vocals were good. I hope it will qualify, but i'm not certain of it.
  8. Kevin New Member

    Rankings for today:
    1 - Slovakia
    2 - Denmark
    3 - Cyprus
    4 - Croatia
    5 - Poland
    6 - Latvia
    7 - Serbia
    8 - Ireland
    9 - Norway (because of the same performance as MGP, and annoying facial expressions)
  9. Aaron N Moof master

    here's my view on today's rehearsals


    Hmmm is vocals were good, the background seems to work with the song and he’s not soo bad to look at but that’s about it… I still can’t seem to like the song I think this will be one of the unknown’s on the night in terms of qualifying.


    Sinead vocals weren’t as great as I’d hoped they were, but I love the background (lighting rocks :D) plus she is using a wind machine how fab lmao but I don’t think she’ll get to the final….


    OMG! I still can’t listen to this pile of rotting arse gravy all the way through :o I got to 57 seconds and had to stop.

    (insert long rant with lots of swear words)


    EWWWWWWWWW! What tripe….. He wasn’t singing then he was practically burping his way through….. But it qualify…..


    *falls asleep*


    OMG! There are some deaf or completely delusional people out there if they think this was a great rehearsal. it’s the same as the MGP…. shit! lmao WTF!? Is going on with that background its crap!!
    The only good thing as the pryos at the end…..


    Wow! I’m impressed she’s improved her vocals a lot…. Tho I want her to fall off that box and onto her arse lmao


    Hmmm nice background, vocals are ok, if a bit hard on my poor sensitive ears :P


    His vocals are certainly strong and they have a nice background (if you could call it one :P), this should sail into the final. (was it me or did his pant look a little…tight…. :o)
  10. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Croatia: Nice pleasant performance, not a great opener though. The graphics were nice & the vocals were good but it is going to totally be forgotten, unfortunately.

    Ireland: OMG OMG OMG THOSE GRAPHICS!!!!!! And they had Fireworks, not pyro but what looked like FIREWORKS!!!!! OK the vocals weren't great but they weren't bad either! This is the proper opener of the second semi!

    Latvia: The graphics were great, but maybe a bit too much i'm not sure. The vocals were there but quite weak. But I still think it COULD qualify! I defo would't rule it out as it is very catchy.

    Serbia: Vocally it was good. I'm not such a fan of the graphics though, I don't really think they suited the song. The routine is good however and lets face it, its gonna qualify!

    Poland: Nice performance :) The dancers certainly added to the song, and I think it can qualify now .. however even if it does make the final, its gonna be Isis gee all over again.

    Norway: The graphics are nice, but they just don't suit the performance! They're not energetic or vibrant enough for the song, and I don't think they'll come across very well on screen either cos of how "busy" they are. They kept the same routine (oh yay lmao) which in all honesty wasn't a wise move imo. It doesn't seem to fill the stage enough and I do prefer the MGP performance, which says alot given how much I hate it lmao. Also this performance just simply doesn't scream out "WINNER" in the same way Bosnia did.

    Cyprus: FANTASTIC! Christina's vocals have improved like a million times and she was totally in-key from what I could hear. The routine was great and really suited the song, and the graphics were superb. Maybe we'll see Cyprus in the final!?!!

    Slovakia: Screechy, annoying, painful .. are only some of the words that describe this performance! The graphics suited the song but the rest of it was just bad bad bad. The song is sooo harsh on the ears and their voices are hardly spectacular either. Basically, its rather uber-crap!

    Denmark: lmao @ Brinck missing most of the last line! Its truly his style to bugger up the lyrics one way or another! The performance was quite nice, I think the graphics were too dark but on the whole it was solid and I think it'll be in the final.
  11. Mark New Member

    Hey hey hey !! I have to be quick, as I am preparing for the prom, but mainly the after party :D

    Croatia: Good vocals, nice background, fitting dancing/swaying. Love the couple dancing on the background in lights, very Bosnia 2007 - let's hope the dresses are nice. Good opener ... if a tad boring

    Ireland: Great impact with the lights at the start, average vocals but gets weak at times, good use of fireworks, but inbetween of the flashing lights and fireworks it's all a bit boring ... but still a good different entry from Ireland.

    Latvia: One word ... terrible.

    Serbia: They have turned it into one of them trying to be funny but failing epicly songs ... so ofc. I hate it ... everything just screams terrible, even worse than Latvia. The few occasians where the "if it was a western country it wouldn't to well" rule appeals, but this is if it wasn't Serbia, Turkey, Greece or Russia it would do bad !

    Poland: Although it is an awful mirah carey impression, it is pleasent it hear after Latvia and Serbia, the dancing is beautiful, but is EXTREMELY distracting but that's because everything else is just sooo boring ... I think this is like the worse set of songs at the beginning every ... omg, and the accent - sing in Polish !!

    Norway: Okay, before I even comment on Rybak. The worst dancing, the worst out of time dancing goes to Norway - they were all over the place, they were messy, they forgot their routine, they were all out of time, if only they kicked Rybak in the face. The background doesn't suit the song, it's overcrowded the stage, as if it wasn't crowded enough as it is. The female dresses are still awful, and I would just leave them out all together ( the females ). Rybak's vocals have improved slightly, but everything about the performance is underwheling compared to Poland's dancers ... well I never thought I would say anything would be underwheling compared to Poland... except the immigrations rate. The dancing is more of a joke than Serbia. and I really need a haircut now :( omg ...

    Cyprus: Well from the very first spin of this, I was enchanted - omg sooooooo beautiful. Cyprus is sailing into the final for 3 reasons...
    1) All the little girls will want to be her
    2) All the boys will want to fuck her
    3) All the parents would wish their daughter was like that
    The first performance in SF2 which make me think finalist... The vocals were even good! and she was bare footed !!!!!!!!!! Cyprus for the win !! Great contrast from the mess of Norway !

    Slovakia: A good solid performance, great vocals, but the backdrop is too crowded, it needs to be more simplier... however amazing dress !! I can see this just scraping into the final, or coming close to bottom :(

    Denmark: WHERE IS THE STOOL !!!!!!!!!!! I am not impressed with this at all. This vocals are patchy, the stage is too dark until the last chorus, the fireworks don't suit the song, the clothes are nasty ... omg the scandies are pure shit this year, bar Iceland... I am very unhappy - however compared to most other performances... this was good :D

    1. Cyprus ( by miles! )
    2. Slovakia
    3. Ireland
    4. Denmark
    5. Croatia
    6. Poland
    7. Latvia
    8. Serbia
    9. Norway

    A disappointing set of performances bar Cyprus + Ireland, who surprised me and Slovakia and Croatia was solid like I expected... everything else is disappointing or just pure shite !
  12. Mark New Member

    omg i love cyprus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Righty-o, I'm back again, nice to see everyone's thoughts :)

    I do like this :D essentially, there's nothing wrong with the pitching of the vocals; the problem lies within the composition of the music as well as the fact that Nela's voice hasn't properly matured yet. To call this simply 'screaming' is just not fair because the pair are talented indeed. Nice and classy, very refereshing but it's like a morbidly depressed version of "Pe-o margine de lume". Oooh, 2nd act who comes to the front of the stage, not crazy about the graphics as they kinda remind me of the cheap-ass shite we had in Athens (note particularly the projections accompanying Norway's performance that year) but all in all I actually really want this to qualify :)

    ROOOOFL, I swear he's going to miss his intro in the real thing! He just can't seem to start the song very well. Love the entry, but this performance does NOTHING and I ain't crazy for his vocals! It's just so reminiscent of 2005 and 2008 it's uncanny - I expect to see Denmark in the final, though it's going to be another mid-table finish.

    Well, that's all today and overall, with the exception of Cyprus, it's been rather crap. The worst day of rehearsals in my opinion mostly due to average songs in the first place, and I wholeheartedly believe semi one is a lot stronger than semi two. I'm not doing a ranking until tomorrow which hopefully is going to be a lot better...fingers crossed.
  14. Slovenia
    Really, what is the point of this song? Martina's vocals have improved since EMA but she still likes to recall the good times and gives us some shouting near the end, other than that everything seems to be just about the same. This is THE entry which I hope I never have to see in the final. On the bright side, one of the violinists is super-cute :P

    Hungary (Proud winners of the Sheep worst vocal award)
    Dear Lord, he sounds awful! And wtf is up with the backing singers, they sound like a fookin' joke?!?!? Some nice dancing, nice lighting but ultimately muscles ain't gonna take the place of good singing...in the immortal words of Shania: "that don't impress me much."

    After a very bad start we get to something good :D (semi two is going to be a painful experience me thinks). It's definitely no "Day After Day" (praise the Lord!!!) and I'm glad to see they had some fire in there in the form of volcanoes, after Bulgaria stole the flames which were rightly theirs. Vocals are OK if not brilliant and someone needs to choreograph Arash to stop him Dad-dancing and ruining the whole mood of the song. A very odd ending (no hands in the air or nothin') and I wish they had focused on the sitar(?) more during the opening but other than that it should have no trouble getting through to the final!
  15. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    The award for funniest backup singers goes to Hungary XD

    Sheep, you hit that viagra guy with your gold heel and I'ma spray his ass with mace.
  16. Oh hell no! These heels cost me $200, dang! :D I ain't wastin' them on this sucka! I need to find a way of messin' him up with messin' with ma hurr at the same time...
  17. Greece
    **note to Mina: I am not a Greece/Sakis hater so I hope I'm allowed to say what I believe with all due respect**
    This is unbelievably bad :( I was hoping for impressive graphics, energetic lighting and powerful choreography but we seem to have the opposite. Sakis looks frankly daft and he doesn't even take his top off! No flying but we do get quite an odd, gravity defying routine in the middle-8...I think ERT have really missed the mark this time, and I believe Cyprus deserves all the points Greece are going to get this year...sad to believe this is a favourite...

    Wow, I love the stage graphics, very classy and elegant atmosphere! :) The vocals are strong but kind of go downhill as the song progresses. The same too with the choreography which starts impressively with Sasha at the piano but then kind of loses it as he just wonders around. Also, I know he's putting in a lot of effort but his facial movements kind of look like a horse in pain. What do you know, I don't hate this anymore :) I hope it qualifies...although I was a bit gutted with the English "55 times love" version instead of a mixture - I mean come on, there's also a Lithuanian AND Russian version :P Estonia is still the best Baltic state by far though...

    OMFG SHE SANG IN ROMANIAN!! Oh no wait, the second verse was in English...ah well, more Romanian than I'm used to from the studio version :D I'm a tad confused as I thought they said they had developed the "picture" idea from the NF but it was nowhere to be seen. I'm also a tad disappointed as I wanted a Sirusho-esque rise from the mist to start the song, but the camera work for that bit looks good enough :) Vocals are strong (thank heaven!) and the dancing is very energetic if a tad uncoordinated and I like the LED projections - maybe the whole thing is a bit stark but I'm hoping it will qualify!
  18. Aaron N Moof master

    hello peeps!! heres my opinion on the ones i've heard over my lunch break


    Is this even a song?? It reminds me of DJ take me away, In the fact you have to wait at least 1m 30secs before she sings anything…. Granted she doesn’t scream(much :P) I hope it doesn’t qualify but it does have a chance


    Oh dear…. Poor vocals… worse backing singers ever…. Good things…..hmmmm *thinks* he’s hot!! And the cartwheel he did as rather cool lmao


    Finally something decent!! I love this song and Arash & Asyel’s vocals were very good!! A sure fire qualifier me thinks….


    The one a lot of people have been waiting for, can Sakis sing??? Answer…. No lmao it will qualify no doubt about that, and has Sakis stolen Agnes catwalk from MF!! :o


    Wowowowow!!! This has to qualify now :D very good vocals the backing singers were a bit meh but all in all it was great (plus a I want his hat to go with my collection lmao)

    Wow!! Nelly’s vocals were very good!! What a background :D it looks like you’ve walked into a old persons home and found a bunch of stuff they knitted lmao Another qualifier me thinks

    and now its back to work..... Oh joy! lmao
  19. OMG die!!!!!! :D How dare you compare Shite symphony to "DJ, Take Me Away"!

    LMAO, I thought the same about Sakis too, I wonder if Agnes has been told about this...she's probably too busy releasing "Release Me" here in the UK! WOOOOOO!
  20. I don't have anything to say, I just wanted the 100th post in this thread :D

    EDIT: Oh yes I do, because Albania's rehearsal video was just released =D

    I think the phrase "haters can go suck lemons" is very apt here (and yes Jonny, I mean you). Loving the energy of this performance, the LED projections and lighting are exactly how I hoped they would be. Kejsi is spot on vocally, although the way the music's written makes her sound a bit whiny. The quality of the video wasn't great but OMFG is there anyone older than 16 in Albania?! The dancers looked like fookin' midgets! Thinking about it, Albania really do Eurovision properly; good pronunciation (no Engrish in sight), some rather awesome and death-defying choreography and just overall, really professional.

    Noone else but me can see it (so I'm probably wrong ;P) but this is going easily qualify and is even going to make the top 10 (televoting-wise). Think about it, Anjeza and Olta did it, no reason why Kejsi shouldn't do it either because she's better...that is unless she falls off her dancers or paralyses them with her high-heels xD

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