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  1. Mina Member with a "past"

    For me the best rehearsal today was Moldova, I loved everything about it. My 2nd favourite was Slovenia and 3rd Albania.
    As for Greece I'll wait for Saturday:P
  2. calrisle Scrutineer

    A brief interjection to demand a round of applause for the Sheep's witty, insightful and elegant commentary on these rehearsals - posting without fail and with such depth and perception. Legend!

    *hugs for Mr Sheep*
  3. Awww, thank you :) but I'm not doing this for personal glory...ok, I am a little :P my main aim is to make people laugh, insult people if necessary *glares at Jonny for his anti-Albania-ness* and to provide a (mostly) unbiased look at the performances.

    *hugs Mr Dave back and gives him a daisy*
  4. Ukraine
    Mark is gonna be pissed off with me saying this, but it's my revenge for his comments on Malena :@ :D First things first, the vocals are utter shite, almost challenging Hungary for the worst vocal award, but I wasn't expecting a performance to challenge Céline Dion =P The dancing is a bit messy, but there are some fucking unbelievable flips and throws and jumps and EVERYTHING!!! The Ukrainian flag on the drum kit (while very sweet) looks a bit amateurish and that part of the performance is very Slovenia 2008 except not as neon-y. The hell machine is not as hellish as I'd hoped...but on the whole this is the best up-tempo performance I've seen and is really along the lines of what ERT/Sakis should have done...Ukraine are easily in the final!

    Much like their performance at Eesti Laul only on a bigger stage, so if you liked the vocals back then, you'll like them now. Estonia get the 12 points for dry-ice use and rightly so. I can't convey the amazing-ness of the intro/ending other than by saying that I nearly shit myself in awe when I first saw it. We've seen stars many times in LED projections before but never constellations; they take the whole act to a completely different level and their abrupt change during the line "üle mägede taevasse kaigub hääl" is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Mysterious, haunting, spine-tinglingly good...with the camera doing most of the work I would love to say Estonia is set for the final but being in between Slutana and the shiny grandfags is probably the worst draw anyone could ask for...Urban Symphony FTW!!!

    I don't really know what to say that you couldn't think of yourselves. I'm really ashamed this is in Eurovision as it is the type of kitsch which the UK (and other countries') media use to ridicule the contest. As expected, it's shiny, it's camp, it's choreographed and it is probably one of the most depressing songs in the contest :(
  5. Kevin New Member

    Slovenia - Was alright, but its just a bit "fake" with them not playing live. It was ok, but nothign special.

    Hungary - His vocals wern't great, but the dance routine was nice (Viva Magyarország! :D) I doubt it will qualify

    Azerbaijan - I like the performance, but the vocals were not that strong. It will qualify nethertheless.

    Greece - Starts of like Love Love Love (maybe he will wear a gold catsuit too? :P), vocals are very poor, considering the hype around this. And then theres Pelvic thrusting *covers eyes*. His vocals are specially bad during that part. Why are there men dancing around him :S (looks a bit gay if u ask me). Having said that the dance routine and performance were very nice. Will definately qualify

    Lithuania - OMG!!!!! i love it (i wish i could vote for it, but we are in the other semi)
    the only thing i woudl say, is turn down the volume of the backing singers, as they were over powering him, but otherwise, i loved it! My favourite so far from all the rehearsals. If this doesnt get through, i will be so angry :(

    Moldova - Its alright, but its a bit annoying, and compared to Armenia, Armenia is much better. Her vocals were not amazing, and the stage was nothing special. Hopefully this won't qualify.

    Albania - Yay, crazy graphics. It's good, she has a good voice, but its not the best performance.

    Ukraine - This just screams out slag! Vocals were bad, but a memorable performance. The men are scary though. Will probably win the semi.

    Estonia - WOW! she sounds great, and i love the hidden trick! It should qualify.

    Holland - Yay! they brought the fat woman along too :D. the shiny suits are funny, the vocals are good, but im not sure if the whole wierdness will scare the voters away.
  6. Mina Member with a "past"

    I agree. It was magical!
  7. Yaaay! Mina and I have to go change our underwear now, but we'll be back with beer and naked-ness! :)

    I believe that semi one is a lot stronger overall than semi two, but nevertheless the middle-ending of these rehearsals was very enjoyable. It's going to be hard to pay attention until about song 10/11 but thankfully the UK is not voting in this one...

    My absolute favourites who I want to see in the final no matter what:
    - Estonia: absolutely beautiful, mystical with a touch of the macabre
    - Cyprus: much like Estonia but beautiful in a light, fairy-like way
    - Albania: very professional, exciting, catchy and clean performance

    Then I'll be happy seeing Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Lithuania, Slovakia, Denmark, Ireland or Croatia in the final but I wont loose sleep if they're not.

    The terrible trio of Serbia, Latvia and Slovenia do not merit a final position and if they take a place from something more deserving, you bet your sweet behinds there will be some major sheep-slapping going on. All that's left to say is Mina, Kotsios, Arben and anyone else in semi two: vote wisely and we'll see what the big 4 and mother Russia have come up with tomorrow...
  8. Kevin New Member

    Ranking of the day:

    1 - Lithuania
    2 - Estonia
    3 - Albania
    4 - Greece
    5 - Azerbaijan
    6 - Hungary
    7 - Slovenia
    8 - Holland
    9 - Ukraine
    10 - Moldova
  9. Mark New Member

    Slovenia: The first 30 seconds was good but after that it was boring and tedious, the singing was painful as ever and the group have no stage presence. The background is too crowded and messy ...

    Hungary: Everything is just so average, the vocals, song, backdrop, dancing - the flips and stuff look totally wrong. The only way this will make the final is if all the gay people in Europe unite and vote for it ...

    Azerbaijan: Surprisingly the vocals are quite good, if even they go a bit weak towards the end. The fire works very well and the staging is good - but could have been stronger, the dancing woman at the start is good. I would have said this is a contender for the title if Arash didn't look like a total twat with that gitaur. However best till now in SF2, but I reckon there is better yet to come.

    Greece: Okay, let's just say it's defo between Bosnia and Ukraine now. The vocals were average but even more breathy than Jades ! the dancing looked stupid at the best of times. The backdrop didn't do anything for the song, the big Agnes catwalk look silly, espc. when being pushed around and that "flying" in the middle just looked weird ... I doubt Greece can win this, probs top 5, underservingly.

    Lithuania: Good vocals, and good to have a more relaxed song after the last few. But it gets ever so boring after a while, and the song seems quite messy in the last chorus. One of my biggest annoyness on stages is when a singer plays the piano, then stops 1/2 way through - it just defeats the whole object and also I can stand Sasha's facial expression while singing... it is all too very dima-wannabe to do well.

    Moldova: Great vocals, and it isn't in English - HURAH ! - The dancing is great and the backdrop is, but the stage just seems really empty for this song. Hopefully on TV they hide it, but still a good strong performance from Nelly, but I can't see this making a top 5.

    Albania: Average performance, but a great voice. Kejsi isn't a natural performer though, she looks very akward on stage, the backdrop is good. The best thing though, is that the Albanian "dancers" are waaaaaay better than Norway's and have a better draw. :D and there are so many acrobatics this year that Norway is even more unorginal and bland :D

    Ukraine: Average vocals, can't see the backdrop :D - The "hell machine" was crap and pointless and really made the performance bad at the start, but once Svetlana got out of there and started to dance, it started to make the performance look a lot better. Not going to win though. Bosnia is gonna win now me thinks.

    Estonia: Just when I thought Bosnia has won it, along comes Estonia :D Great vocals, amazing backdrop, really effective, I love at the start the big circle screens hide the other members. This is a dark horse for me :D Sailing into the final.

    Holland: A great energy greater, and I can seriously see this in the top 10 with a good final draw. The vocals are good, the lights ( and on the hands ) are good, such a good energy is created. But like Belgium - the backing singers make this song :D


    Winner: Estonia
    Loser: Poland

    Biggest Surprise: CYPRUS, Estonia
    Biggest Disappointments: Denmark, Azerbaijan, Greece, Ukraine.
  10. Mark New Member

    ROFLROFLROFLROFL How did I forget - Sakis falling off the Agnes Catwalk - ROFLROFL !
  11. Aaron N Moof master

    and heres the rest of them now i'm home :D


    I hate the song but she was surprisingly good. It was a nice clean performance with little to no trouble. This could qualify but I wouldn’t vote for it :P


    This was no song it was 3 mins of sex lmaoooo vocals awful, dancing slutty….. Verdict it will sail into the final.


    Wowowowow I looooove it! The whole stage presentation was amazing loving the background colours must qualify!!


    Yayayayayay!!! They brought the big backing singer along :D:D but that’s the only good thing about this. the songs shitttte the presentation is crap the whole thing was pure arse gravy!!!
  12. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Slovenia[/B: Quite good. I still think they should ditch those picture frames as they do look clumsy, but I think its going to qualify anyway.

    Hungary: Maybe some of the best choreo this year, the graphics were great but its just a shame that the vocals were .... crap! But I think this could qualify now.

    Azerbaijan: WOWOWOWOW!!! The singing was good, the graphics were perfect for the song, and the fireballs were intense!!! Perhaps this is an outsider to win?

    Greece: WHY!? WHY THAT FKN CATWALK!? Its atrocious, hideous, clumsy & ugly!! However the new choreo is better and Sakis's vocals were alright I thought. Obv its going to be in the final.

    Lithuania: Glad they're using the piano presentation :) Vocals were good, but not amazing. Overall it worked well but qualifying won't be easy, maybe the jury choice. I think the graphics were a bit too hectic too.

    Moldova: I do love the graphics :) And the choreo is fast and exciting. I've no doubt this is gonna be in the final and maybe even the top 10 ... top 5?

    Albania: The graphics are good during the song however during the intro they're atrocious. Vocally its good, the dancing is good BUT I feel that with so many stronger pop songs before it, its gonna have trouble qualifying. But I wouldn't rule it out.

    Ukraine Super LMAO!!! Everything about it is awful, the choreo is weird, the hell machine(s) are fugly, and the drum solo is just plain hideous, BUT I LOVE IT!! And its sooooo gonna qualify obv. BUT its gonna sort of flop in the final because the juries are going to deteste it avec un passion!!

    Estonia: WOW! In the same way Bosnia did this is screaming out to me "WINNER"! Everything is perfect, right down to the graphics and although i'm not a fan of the song, I love the performance and can totally see this being top 3, or even winning on the 16th.

    Holland: ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL .. ROFL!! The backing singers get my 12 points, but apart from that, hmm ... good luck Holland!! lmao
  13. Kevin New Member

    the fat backing singer FTW :D
  14. Kevin New Member

    ROFL of the day from Oiko:
    "Vocally, Sakis was quite impressive, despite what many claim that he cannot sing live."
  15. LMFAO, whoever says they're biased, no, of course not, not in the slightest...

    I knew you'd say that -.- you and your anti-Albanian-ness :P
  16. For me the best rehearsals today were Slovenia, Azerbaijan and Lithuania :P
  17. Eurovizz Member

    You read my thoughts :D!

    Looks like Martina's vocals has been through a great progress
  18. Mark New Member

    I'm only watching Norway's second reshearal - so I can take the piss out of them, which is awfully fun !!

    The dancers are still hideously out of time - but at least they remembered the routine this time !! Rybak still is singing in monotone, talking to Slamplana too much on the phone. The nasty backdrop is still there. The ugly backing singers still there. Basically this is just one bit ammature mess. The dancing is something which toddlers do when they are bored !?!? and isn't the thing when you sit down and put your legs out Russian ?? The song is still as crap as ever too. Oh, and Rybak is still fugly.

  19. Eurovizz Member


    I've never been a fan of Rybak's vocals, but seriously, in this 2nd rehearsal - you got to admit that Rybak's vocals have developed A LOT. I'm happy for Rybak :) for the first time, I felt that we can really win!
  20. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Apart from Ireland I haven't seen any of the 2nd rehearsals, as I promised myself i'd only watch the first ones :) Apart from Ireland obv cos they're too awesome not to watch!!

    Ireland: WAY better vocally! Apparently they've been having camera troubles but todays rehearsal was alot stronger and although the stage was a bit dark in the rehearsals hopefully it'll transfer better to the screen :)

    I've also seen various photos ....
    Malta: Yay they've got a new backgound!!!
    Portugal: Their background looks even more awesome than the first time round!!
    Norway: CHANGE THAT BLOODY BACKGROUND!! Its way too static and dark for the song, they need something relatively fast moving and bright/energetic! I haven't watched the newest rehearsal BUT if they're using the same graphics as the first one it is going to seriously hinder the song. Maybe it'll transfer better to the TV screen :)

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