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  1. Eurovizz Member

    Russia had big problems in 1st rehearsals:( You could see Anastasia's face expression at the end of her performance ..
  2. Mina Member with a "past"

    I loved Spain, the Uk and Russia in that order.
    Germany..well..Dita's act was extremely tacky. I couldn't believe my eyes:rolleyes:
  3. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Russia: Nice enough, I am starting to really enjoy the song, but its just too static on stage. Theres no real movement and I really can't see Russia making the top 10 if thats their final performance.

    Germany: Well by putting those strippers on stage they've basically ruined their chances of getting any substantial amount of jury points, which is what they're gonna be relying on. Maybe they'll get a few more votes from the public but the strippers are just stunting their chances. Its a shame because the vocals were solid and as a performance it worked, but gonna be bottom 10 probs.

    UK: Fantastic. I was concerned that maybe the stage would be too cluttered, but becuase the stairway and the piano are a fair distance apart, it does seem to work. I think we may have a chance of winning! (it feels so strange to say that lmao)

    Spain: Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I was worried 2 dancers wasn't going to be enough but because the backing singers dance a little too its sooooo good!!!!!!! The routine is firey and energetic, and if we had 100% televoting I would be convinced this will win, but the juries have put a spanner in the works. The new intro is AMAZING and despite the juries, I still think there is a chance this can win!

    Basically, the Big 4 are immense this year!!!!
  4. Dita wasn't there today :S buahahahaha :D
  5. I loved Jade's performance. She was absolutely fantastic :P

    Soraya was fantastic too. This must be the best Spanish entry for years :)

    As for Russia, France and Germany I agree with Kevin.

    Mina, as Euro Sheep said, Dita wasn't there. That lady was a stand-in. Let's hope for a better performance in the final :)
  6. Kevin New Member

    Spain - I enjoyed it, im don't think it a winner, as her voice isnt perfect, and the song is a bit average. But i did enjoy it, and the start was good, as was the dancing. Top 12 is likely.
  7. Mina Member with a "past"

    I know but I figured she will do the same routine as the blonde girl....buahahahaha :P
  8. Mark New Member

    Spain: It started off well. Soraya's vocals have improved, but she's still nothing special. When it got into the main part of the song, the performance was the messiest I think I have even seen. It makes Norway look tidy! It was just out of control. This is just certainly gonna flop unless their are some major changes. Also where was this "Nothing has never been on Eurovision before" moment? Major disappointment !

    Out of the finalists France blew the field away, and with all the semi's too.

    1. France (perfect)
    2. Russia (great vocals, standard performance)
    3. UK (good vocals, cheap and tacky)
    4. Germany (average vocals, cheap and slutty)
    5. Spain (average vocals, just plain bad )
  9. Marios New Member

    I watched many rehersals. My favourites are:

    Cyprus: Simple but amazing. It travels you to a dream world
    Spain: Awesome Singer and Voice
    Greece: Nice Show
    UK: Great Voice and Performance
    Switzerland: Gr8 Catchy Song
    Estonia: Lovely!!
  10. Mark New Member

    Lithuania: Very hard not to get bored after 5 seconds of this song. The dark background and suit all blend together. Sasha keeps opening his mouth too far and makes him look like a horse having a spasm - I can't see how this can make the final, and I doubt the jury will vote for it now either. I do like the Russian at the end ... although it's a bit desperate...

    Moldova: I LOVE IT !! I LOVE IT !! I LOVE IT !! - Nelly is an amazing singer and performance, the energy is just amazing, and there's not even a big crowd !! The dancing is superb and the costumes are freakin' awesome - This is just perfect !!!

    N.B. Take note Norway, this is how you do a folk song.

    Albania: This is what happens in Toystores around Albania at night ... They come alive and think they can win at Eurovision ... If only Besa the Besta won ... It's better, the lights are good, the dancing is good at parts, the singing is strong, but it all seems a bit out of place. I don't think Albania will make the final, but they will come close, and may just sneek in.
  11. Mina Member with a "past"

    The highlight of today's rehearsal so far:
    the Albanian tutu:P
  12. Kevin New Member

  13. France
    I really don't see what all the fuss is about, it's probably the most out of place song in the contest. Yes, it's fantastic and it's "a proper song" but horses for courses, this just looks incongruous on the huge Moscow stage. The graphics are basically stolen from the preview video and Patricia sounds like Lil-Babs pushing 60 i.e. a bit over the hill. France could have done a lot more with this...

    She does not look happy :( her voice is kick-ass amazing, especially at the ending but the 5 fat backing singers need to be choreographed or hidden because they're frankly a joke. Russia have taken a very odd approach to their entry this year, I'm surprised they've taken the direction they have done and the backing images, while I find them impressive, are generally not suited for the stage. This is definitely not winning, as the majority of the European audience will be seeing it for the first time and will either shit themselves with fright or wonder why Nastiya is screaming in pain...

    Again, they could have done a lot more with this. Why Alex has to be playing a piano on stage is beyond me and the backing dancers look like they need a lot more practice. The backing images/lighting are really good with the exception of the freaky, demented barbie-dolls in the chorus. Vocals need improving and Oscar needs to put on some shiny shoes damn it!!! But apart from the I don't see this coming last :rolleyes:

    Also, I've decided the majority of you are just judgmental, haughty, mega-conservative prudes :P way to go!

    United Kingdom
    I'm sorry, did I watch the right video? Was this really the UK's entry because it looked far too good :D I love the props and I'm eagerly waiting to see Jade's dress plus, I'm still in shock the BBC delegation actually put some effort in this year! One thing's for sure - we ain't comin last this year!!!

    Umm, yeah...the new version: apparently while in the mixing/mastering process, someone must have spilt coffee on the recording deck because the intro is now super slooooow plus, Soraya has gone all Jackson/Prince at the end of the song :D I love this, and I hope in the real thing it will be even more sharp, rehearsed and professional :) Spain will do really well this year and OMFG Soraya's dress it amazing!!! Charlotte Perrelli returns, only she looks comfortable and sexy this year :P
  14. Because he acts like a stuck-up, spoiled little prick :P it wasn't like he was going to win anyway... :rolleyes:
  15. MILKshake  

    it is rly unfair that they did not change his background and other yes :o
  16. Mark New Member

    Ukraine: Awful singing, but then I suppose it is the law in Ukraine that you must sing awfully. The Hell Machine is still crap and pointless - it would be soooo much better if it was in the sky. The drum part sucks, the dancing is boring ... I expected something much better from Slamplana and Ukraine... Not going to win.

    Estonia: Amazing vocals, amazing backdrop, just everything is amazingly perfect. This has a good chance to win with a good draw.

    Holland: Great vocals, good simple dancing. Backsingers amazing. Good energy. I really think this will get support like the pirates did last year...


    Winner: Greece
    Loser: Poland

    (Rybak just missing out)
  17. Mark New Member

    France: I simply can't say anything, except that I was in floods of tears, and it's apparently even better on TV, I better get some tissues ready!

    Russia: Great !! Amazing vocals, the dress is FREAKIN' AWESOME !! the backinh singers don't look out of place, and the screen is effective, even if it is very weird ... But I think it'll be the one time Russia deserves a top 10 and they won't get it ! - pfft.
  18. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch


    Oiko says: "The thing is that just an hour ago Hadise spoke to the Turkish delegation about the serious herpes problem she is dealing. We will round you up on the health problem she has."

    According to oiko Hadise has Herpes!!!! http://www.oikotimes.com/v2/index.php?file=articles&id=5739

    N.B If you don't know what herpes are I suggest you don't do an image search, you might end up getting some unwanted results!
  19. Mark New Member

    Germany: Everything is much better, but why the fuck is that whore woman still pretending to have sex with a sofa !?!?! It's stupid and disgusting ... Eurovision is a family show, not a porn show - I have to say this every bloody year to at least one country ... It's a shame that the german song is that crap, they have to restore to sex to get them votes !!
  20. Mark New Member


    the funniest thing of the week/month/year/ of all time !!

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