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results for the 5th edition

  1. ollie2283 jedan sam čekao je ovdje!

    david i dont want to offend but do u write speeches for obama?? ure use of words just :o-ing amazing
  2. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    OK fair enough but whats done is done and it can't be changed.

    Shall we all start a-fresh?
  3. Kevin New Member

    Ok Ollie has apologised to me, and i have apologised to him

    Basically my main point, is that, as Dave said, the mods should not abuse their powers - which it seems some (but not all) of them have.
    It would just be nice if the non-mods were considered by some of the mods in some of the issues, as we are all human beings :)

    I APOLOGISE TO ANYONE I HAVE OFFENDED :) lets all be friends :)
  4. Mina Member with a "past"

    Do you people think I should start a thread about my idea (countries' names kept hidden until after the voting) and see what the rest have to say?
    OR should we leave it on the host every time to decide?
  5. Kevin New Member

    Personally i think the host should be in charge of their edition, although by all means speak to the hosts about your ideas :D
  6. Mina Member with a "past"

    Ok, I'll talk to Aaron later (when I find my gun to hold to his head..hehehe:P)
    Kisses to all, I'm going out for coffee (it's hot like hell here!), I'll see you tonight:D
  7. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    I think we should probably leave it to the host to decide :) As starting a thread will probably lead to lots of different people with lots of different ideas and no real conclusion, and no doubt some arguements lol :P
  8. Aaron N Moof master



    thank you to everyone who voted for me :D the people of moofistan are in a state of celebration and laughing at random buildings and squeaky chairs (sorry kevvie :P i had too it was too funny)

    after spending god knows how long reading the comments, i don't really think block voting affects it all that much even if you take the 'friendly' out there is no major difference, and tbh you can't really scream block voting cos the person may honestly like the song that a friend entered, believe if you want but i always vote on song.

    mina and arben i'm conisdering what you said for the next edition :D

    and again thank you, for making me have to bust my arse hosting this contest again :P lmaoo
  9. Will we still be able to promote our songs ;)
  10. calrisle Scrutineer

    Serves you right for sending the delightful Kate! Somebody as lovely as Kate with such a lovely song and a lovely voice can't fail to win people's hearts! Well, I say 'lovely' song, when actually is really completely devastating and heartbreaking, but you know what I mean... :)

    In amongst all of this noise this afternoon, I hope it hasn't got lost that I give a great big congratulations to Aaron and the Moofistan delegation.

    Kevin, you said something along the lines of "let's all be friends", and you're completely right. I think you and I have had a bit of a wobble, and I'm not going to go out of my way to avoid saying so, because I think it's more important for the happiness of the group at large if someone speaks up and addresses whatever bad blood there might be.

    Clean slate for everyone and any false starts we had previously can be broken down and rebuilt. Deal? Deal.

    *Dave shakes hands with Kevin, and hopes to feel the love back*

  11. Eurovizz Member

    1. My 10pts to Lara was not block-voting. It should be pretty obvious for people here to already know that me and Lara have a very similar music taste (ethno-pop), and there's also a reason why only me and Lara send ethno-pop in this contest.

    • EXACTLY. Even though Estevao is a great friend - I must spit it out: Since his mini-fight with Mark, he hasn't spoken anything from his mind about his own position during that fight. But well, mods are mods.

    • We honoured Portugal for not winning during their entire career in Eurovision, what a big deal. So now mods can decide when we can open or close our mouth or play one-minute-silence games anytime? Sorry, but it's like if I was a mod I could force everybody in the chat to play the head-shoulder-knee-and-toe game anytime.
  12. Almila i am what i am

    i agree with daves fresh start idea n thx jonny for peaceful comments but im also with eurovizz in that joke case.we all have a sense of humour but a joke u find funny may not be funny for another.kickin someone n sayin it was a joke n a fun ny joke cant be an excuse.so from now on we should think twice be4 makin a joke about where is it goin to n esp mods pls as they have more responsibility.im devoted to this site n i want it to stay the same
  13. Kevin New Member

    *Shakes hands with Dave and anyone else who puts out their hand*
  14. Jabeen New Member

    Just finished reading every single comment LOL

    But anyway :D

    CONGRATS AARON !! ;) Very well done. Good luck in hosting the next edition :P hehe

    And i would like to thanks those who voted for Jabia ... I was pleased with 5th :)

    See you all in the next edition x
  15. Almila i am what i am

    Aaaaarooon!when will the 6th edition kick off?
  16. Kevin New Member

  17. Marko FOR LIFE New Member

    Hehe 43 points!! Not tooo bad for the first time! lol :P:)
    And one 12 I'm glad that had at least one 12, thank you Stokkanslandet!:)
    And 10 from Mark!;) Thanks all who voted for me! :)
    P.S. Congratulations to winner, and I like d winner song and voted for it alot!;)
  18. Marko FOR LIFE New Member

    KEVIN hahahahahahah! Just 2 votes sepparated me from 4 points in Pribandid televoting! LOL ;) :)
  19. Kevin New Member


    it was pretty close :P
  20. Aaron N Moof master

    hey peeps :D

    just to let you guys and gals now the rules are the same so i'm not bothering the post them again :P sooo if you do want to take part and you haven't given me your song then send it to me here [email protected] along with a flag of your country asap :D

    i have 16 countries atm :D

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