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Semi One: YourThoughts


Did you enjoy the first semi final overall?

Poll closed 20th May 2009.
Yes, it was the best semi EVER! 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Yes, I loved it! 4 vote(s) 28.6%
Yeah, I liked it... 3 vote(s) 21.4%
Hmmm, s'alright I guess... 2 vote(s) 14.3%
No, I did not like it 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, it was the worst semi ever!!! 3 vote(s) 21.4%

    Are you happy with the results?
    Overall, I'm very happy with the results, although as ever I am GUTTED that Andorra failed once again.... Would have liked to see Bulgaria and Belarus replace Turkey and Romania also.

    Best Performance - worst performance?
    By far, Iceland had the best performance of the night. Yohanna’s vocals were flawless and, despite the slightly dodgey dress, she looked totally stunning. Despite the lack of atmosphere that shrouded the arena beforehand, Yohanna lit up the arena with a performance filled with drama and passion. The dramatic, climactic and beautiful ending to the Icelandic ballad was the cherry on the cake for me. Iceland delivered a simply divine performance that, after a nerve-wracking wait that had me pleading with God, completely deserved to qualify.

    Worst performance has got to be turkey. hadise shouted her way through that song and looked fat in that awful red garment. her singing was dreadful and she was constantly flat. furthermore, what REALLY annoyed me was the male backing singer's outfit - why wasn't he in red!!!!!!! turkey were completely crap yet again, however the final WOULD be a bit duller without them I suppose :P

    Surprised with anyone - disappointed with anyone?
    Bulgaria was a huge shock. Despite the god-awful costumes I thought they created a great atmosphere and the stage was well suited. The vocals were also good throughout and this was one of the few acts that created any sense of drama on stage.

    Sweden also impressed me ALOT and it was a pleasant surprise to see such a strong performance after watching the rehearsals.

    I was dissapointed with B&H especially, the act had no substance and some of the worst camera work of the night. The guy was soo nervous and they didn't interact with the viewers/cameras/audience at all. I found the whole thing rather mediocre.

    Who did you vote for?
    Iceland (The BEST)
    Bulgaria (Biggest Shock)
    Malta (For Sammy :D)
    Finland (For Mina)
    ANDORRA (TWICE FFS!) I hope andorra got the uk's 12 points... especially the number of votes cast by aaron and I.... we shall hopefully see Andorra in a final ONE year...

    Who do you think got the jury wildcard?
    At first I thought ISRAEL straight away... but now I think it could have been Portugal.

    Anything else to add?
    The camera work was dreadful.
    The audience was dreadful.
    The hosts were dreadful.
    HOWEVER, the graphics, postcards, Yohanna and the green room (& host) WERE FABULOUS!

    The results were very balanced and fair so overall I am very happy.

  2. Aaron N Moof master

    roooofl she got my Tits too after about the 5th postcard (which are utter arse gravy might i add :P) she is one thing i will not miss after this as finished lmao

    Roll on the 2nd semi (and i hope he camera work gets better :P lmao)

    btw kev Okio said Hungary will qualify :o utter arse gravy if you ask me lmao
  3. Kevin New Member

    ROFL! i read that too, and then i saw the performance and it wasnt all that

    what gets me is that they were like, this will qualify, and then in their predictions at the bottom Hungary wasnt listed rofl

    i'm holding out hope, but i doubt it will qualify, my fav bit of it is when the backing dance rips her clothes off whilst still maintaining a moody look rofl
  4. Kevin New Member

    OMG! i noticed that too, it was the only one i recognised. Until then, i didn't get the postcards
  5. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    The only one I found blatantly obvious was FYROM, cos there was a little drunm thing with their flag on it :D Maybe when we see our own countries' ones it'll make more sense cos we'll recognise the landmarks better :)
  6. Kevin New Member

    i think that if Andorra hasn't been close to qualifying this year, they will withdraw or send Anonymous again as a final option.
  7. The most gutting thing I think is that if Anonymous had entered in 2008/09 instead of in the semi of death a.k.a. 2007, they would have easily gotten through to the final. It was fucking impossible for any Western European countries to qualify in Helsinki (although Portugal, Andorra and Iceland came heart-breakingly close) and I think with the new system, if Andorra get a decent song (because let's face it, neither "Casanova" or "...Get A Life" were brilliant) they're set for the final :) All it takes is a little more patience; it is going to work for Estonia (hopefully ;))...
  8. Kevin New Member

    agreed completely - they would so easily have qualified any other year

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