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Slovenia 2012


    Tonight Slovenia will choose one of these six songs for Baku. It's between Eva Boto and Nika&Eva Prusnik.

    Eva Boto - Run
    In my eyes a very boring song!

    Eva & Nika Prusnik - Konichiwa
    Don't know what to say, apparently it's a favourite but I don't like it.

    Eva Boto - A Si Sanjal Me
    More my style, a good pop song in Slovenian!

    Eva & Nika Prusnik - Malo Sreče
    A very folkish sounding song from these two! I do like it!

    Eva Boto - Verjamem
    Another sleeping pill from Eva Boto... boring! Sounds a bit like a battle song...

    Eva & Nika Prusnik - Love Hurts
    A rather mediocre pop song, not my style at all!

    Who do you want to see for Slovenia?
  2. adamacs RUTH DAVIDSON FOR PM.

    well I like three of these songs:

    Konichiwa - stupid lyrics, but I love the music (I am a fan of tuned percussion so the glockenspiel hooked me). Lose the kazoo please :nope:

    Verjamem - Violins and what sounds like a harp, so again ticks the boxes on instruments for me. Good vocals and reminds me of the songs slovenia sent back in the 90s.

    A Si Sanjal Me - really like this when it started, but by the end I was a bit bored. It goes on a bit, without actually going anywhere. I'd tire of it very quickly

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