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The Fourth Christmas Edition

  1. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    Welcome to Gailfjord, Polusa Imperio!

    Now it is time to send your song to X4. It will be anonymous, so the participant who the song is representing won't be revealed until the results show. You will end up voting based on song numbers, and you will also rank your own song.

    Remember the song must be related to Christmas. That means it must be a Christmas song, a Christmas number one hit, or simply a song that reminds you personally of Christmas. If it's the latter, an explanation must be given as to how you relate it to Christmas.

    There's a high risk that multiple people will try sending the same song, so please submit a ranked shortlist of potential songs. I recommend 5 or so, but the actual amount is up to you. That way if your first choice is taken, you'll get your second choice (etc etc) on a first come first served basis and it doesn't spoil the surprise by having to tell you that your song has already been taken. Hopefully this is obvious, but don't tell anyone what you plan to send! It ruins the surprise.

    Provide a shortlist in preference order. The first song that has not been taken by anyone else will be used.

    Also, please check the contest website to make sure the song hasn't already been sent to X1, X2 or X3.

    The following information is required for each song:

    Youtube link
    Recap time
    Number of seconds for the recap (20-25 seconds)
    Start point for the results show clip (75 seconds)
    Explanation for why it is related to Christmas, if it's not obvious

    The submission window runs from today until 9:30pm UK time on Friday 6th December.

    Submission is now open! Do so via PM using this link.
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  2. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The submission period is now over. There will be 24 participants.

    LuLuLand and Nigaristan are the missing participants. Due to insufficient chat participation, as it stands, LuLuLand and Nigaristan will not be eligible to enter the contest in 2014. X4 also marks the final participation of Echelon, for the same reason.

    Of course, if chat participation increases sufficiently, future re-admission is possible.

    Støkkanslåndet will also be absent from the next few editions, but that is due to an unrelated issue and we look forward to welcoming CTP back in February.
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  3. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Please keep in mind the entire X4 contest will be forum based, and will not use the contest website in order to maintain anonymity.

    The following nations are participating in X4:

    Il Regno d’Italofilia
    Luxžard Republic
    Polusa Imperio
    San Minino
    State of the Ark
    Villa Badia

    We do, indeed. In the meantime, my Aloysius can keep me wet n' warm at night :)

    p.s. Yay no Sandra :yeah:
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  6. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Here are the full songs participating in X4. Remember, if more than one person tried to select a song, the recap point chosen for that particular song could be any of the points chosen by any of the submitters. That may, or may not, be the recap point picked by the person who actually won the rights to the song. In other words, don't be fooled into thinking you did - or did not - get your 1st/2nd/3rd (etc) choice by comparing recap times.

    The Recap

    01 Nádine - Falling In Love At Christmas

    02 Boston Pops Orchestra - Somewhere In My Memory

    03 Geraldine McQueen - Once Upon A Christmas Song

    04 Every Avenue - This Christmas

    05 Kelly Clarkson - Underneath the Tree

    06 Paula Seling - Colindam, colindam iarna

    07 Michael Bublé, Kelly Rowland & Naturally 7 - White Christmas

    08 Grace Monroe and Tom Mann - Noël

    09 tobyMac feat. Leigh Nash - Christmas This Year

    10 Enzo Iacchetti - Buon Natale

    11 Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas

    12 Faith Hill - Where Are You, Christmas?

    13 Gabriella Cilmi - Warm This Winter

    14 Russ Abbot - Atmosphere

    15 Various Artists - Dinja Ġdida

    16 Jodie Marie - Noswyl Nadolig

    17 Little Big Town - Tennessee Christmas

    18 The Maccabees - Walking in the Air

    19 Bryan Adams - Christmas Time

    20 Pentatonix - Carol of the Bells

    21 Attic Lights - Why Should Christmas Be So Hard?

    22 Frightened Rabbit - It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop

    23 Sixpence None The Richer feat. Dan Haseltine - Silent Night

    24 Lambe - Da Ne Te Ljubev

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  7. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    And vote using the interactive form below. As it is an anonymous edition, there is no concept of finalisation. Just change your votes as often as you like until the deadline, which is Sunday 15th December at 9:30pm UK time.

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