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THE RESULTS ... your thoughts!!!


    The first thing I want to say is that I enjoyed the show, although found it a bit rushed, as they seemed to overwhelm us with 25 songs and then rapidly move on to the results (which were rather crap suspense wise as I knew Norway would win 5 results in). The camera work, graphics, presenters, opening, break and the show was FABULOUS, but be prepared for my rant.

    I completely get what Mina is saying about the 50/50 system, while UK and FRance flourished along with Iceland, Armenia still did FAR TOO WELL for my liking and it was highly obvious that politicaland diaspore voting still affect the result. I noticed that one ex-soviet country (can't remember who) gave thei 1-7 points to ALL OTHER EX-SOVIETS, as well as the Scandanavian block acting just as bad as any other. The thing that annoyed me most (and no it wasn't norway's victortt) was TURKEY. I am completely outraged that a talentless, voiceless, ugly, herpes ridden skank came FOURTH above so much more talent As some of you have noticed, I now want Turkey banned from esc as they have invaded europe meaning they will always do well no matter what. I WANT THEN SHIPPED OFF BACK HOME. I mean, even the UK gave 12 to Turkey.... fkn ridiculous.
    There were still flaws in the 50/50 system though, eg Norway winning by such a margin and countries which were probably respected by juries failed because of fkn annoying turks etc.

    ANYWAY, may I say that I was ECSTATIC t see ICeland 2nd - and furthermore FIRST in the semi - which I had actually suggested - as it goes to show that a SONG can do well - although it got where it got with a BIT OF HELP from its friends. Also, CONGRATS UK and FRANCE for proving Europe wrong - although UK technically was 4th because I do not regard Turkey as an ESC participant anymore.

    I did think, HOWEVER, that this final was the strongest in a LONG time, and that is why seemingly good countries did so badly. Most of the east was a joke tbh - I laughed so much at armenia and moldova for their shitty attempts at winning and was disgusted when they got points.

    Omg my hand hurts from all this typing....

    Semi 1 was won by the right act, whereas semi 2 was fairly obvious. I'm still shocked that Ukraine did so averagely, but hey, SHE IS A SLUT.
    Serbia deserved to be replaced by Croatia, however I was shocked that FInaln was the jury vote - goes to show that the semis work because Israel and Portugal qualified without any jury help.

    I was also dissapointed at Malta's result - what an anti-climax for CHiara but tbh it was inevitable in such a strong final.


    Oh, at the whole Itunes thing... my mum said that Iceland was the most commercial song of the night, and she said it was the one song that she could hear on the radio the following day. I'm not surprised she did so well on the UK itunes. We DID give her 8pts (3 votes from me :D) and Im sure that was because of both juries AND everyday british people who know talent when they see it - and those ethnics, well, they can go home or withdraw from esc. Fkn turkish cnts.
  3. Mina Member with a "past"

    Jonny, look at secret combination's iTunes charts from last year:

    Secret Combination @ OFFICIAL TOP 1O CHARTS of iTunes all around the world!
    - Greece No.1 - - UK No.1 & No.4 - - France No.6 - - Germany No.2 & No.4 - - Australia No.2 & No.8 - - Austria No.2 & No.5 - - Belgium No.1 & No.2 & No.8 !!! - - Canada No.7 - - Denmark No.4 & No.6 - - Finland No.1 - - Ireland No.1 & No.4 - - Luxembourg No.2 - - Norway No.1 & No.7 - - Spain No.1 & No.6 - - Sweden No.1 & No.2 & No.3 !!! - - Switzerland No.1

    So, sorry to burst your bubble but it's not because people considered this year 'fairer' that some songs are in the iTunes chart;)
  4. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Sorry but there is no way Secret Comb. got to no.1 or no.4 last year (in the UK itunes) cos it only reached number 71 in the overal charts, and about number 40 in the midweek charts. Now had it got to number 1 AND number 4, it would have risen ALOT higher than number 71 in the overall charts believe me.

    And I also find it difficult to believe it got to numbers 1, 2 & 3 in Sweden given that Sweden only gave Greece 1 point last year ... where are you getting these from!?

    But Regardless of whether this proves it or not, I still maintain that alot of western viewers will have seen this years contest as fairer. Just think as a German (I know its hard but try!!).In 2008 the top 10 had 1 western country. In 2009 the top 10 has 4 western countries, now to an average viewer in western europe, however weird this may sound, more western countries doing well = fairer contest. So naturally, comparing the results of this year to last year they're gonna think this year was alot fairer.

    I know that may sound strange but its true. Honestly, believe me!
  5. Kevin New Member

    I agree with everythign Jonny said at the start :P



    He was serious AND funny and that is very hard to do... I especially loved his reaction to Albania:

    The bad news is you're about to watch Albania. She's only 17 so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn't she step in and say no?''

    He was ten times better than Wogan! :D
  7. Mina Member with a "past"

    Ok, Jonny, I won't insist. I'll remind you of this convo next year;)
  8. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    So does that mean theres no evidence of those secret combination chart positions? :D

    Anyway agree to disagree :P
  9. Mina Member with a "past"

    Well, I found it in a page about secret c which I'm too lazy to recover especially since I wasn't a fan of the song.
  10. Aaron N Moof master

    Overall i'm happy with the results :D i'm a bit miffed sweden bombed in the final dispite 4th in the semi, i'm pleased norway won its gone back west and we won't have to deal with shitty written scripts lmao

    also graham norton was fookin amazing!!!!! tbh i thought he was better than terry.

    my opinion on the semi results..... omg turkey 172?!?!?! it only got beat by 2 points :o and Andorra only 8 points?!?!?! i think these should be switched :D lmao. well i never thought finland would be the jury choice now i can see why it did rather poor in the final

    its great to see ireland did well!!

    all in all esc 2009 has been great!!! rooooooll on esc 2010!!!!!!
  11. Stewart SOD ME HARD AND FAST

    INDEED AARON. Tukrey was Andorra in DISGUISE!
  12. Mark New Member

    If only west voted
    1. Norway - 147
    2. Turkey - 102
    3. Iceland - 99
    4. United Kingdom - 70
    5. Azerbaijan - 46
    6. Portugal - 43
    7. Estonia - 41
    8. Armenia - 35
    9. Denmark - 32
    10. France - 30
    11. Greece - 29
    11. Germany - 29
    13. Israel - 26
    14. Sweden - 25
    15. Moldova - 24
    16. Spain - 23
    16. Bosnia - 23
    18. Ukraine - 21
    19. Malta - 18
    20. Finland - 15
    21. Lithuania - 12
    22. Romania - 11
    23. Albania - 6
    24. Russia - 5
    25. Croatia - 1

    So bad for Russia and Bosnia, but good for Portugal, Israel, Sweden, Spain and Germany. Same top 5 though :D
  13. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch


    Update on UK top 100:

    6: Fairytale
    16: It's my time
    39: Is it true?
    91: Randajad
    100: La Voix!!!!!

    4: Fairytale
    16: It's my time
    34: Is it true?
    80: Miss kiss kiss bang
    86: Randajad
    90: La voix
    94: Dum tek tek
    95: Always
  14. CTP Jass hater

    I for one am thrilled by the results, my 3 favourites finished in the order I had hoped. The voting at this years Eurovision was way more exciting, even though Norway galloped to a lead. As I watch the reprise, I say good luck Norway, a deserved win for me, the only country that I feel did it tough was Finland.

    The disappointments for me were Patricia Kaas, didn't like that song at all, and the Ukraine - The hell machine was really pretty dull, and she wasn't that sexy...

    Also, I really enjoyed the new take on Te Deum!

    and to Iceland, Azerbaijan and The UK :)

    Well, I think you've covered everything there is to be said.

    Finland finishing last and being the juries' choice came as a shock to me of course :S For me it was a winning song.

    Poor Macedonia was robbed of a place in the final for the second time :o They must be devastated.

    I was surprised that Sweden didn't give any points to Denmark, another favourite of mine :S

    I feel sorry for Malena but relieved to see that she finished 4th in the semi. Thanks UK for the 7 points ;) It felt kinda humiliating last year to be saved by the jury, and people (read Lina) remind me about it in every post :D
    Malena's comment on our 21st placing was not too bad for an opera singer :P

    I agree with Mina, I can't wait to see the jury/televoting results separately :)
  16. MILKshake  

    i have no words to describe the results grr
  17. I found that site too :S According to the official Swedish charts "Secret Combination" charted on 29th May -08 (50) and on 5th June -08 (38). Sorry.
  18. Kevin New Member

    Chiara was robbed! she deserved top 10 at least :(
  19. Stine Mendez New Member

    I am ofc thrilled by the result...! I had no faith in Rybak at the end, and when Germany gave Norway 12 i understood....Hell has finally frozen over.

    I know this isn´t the most Rybak-friendly site in the world, but I´m sorry: That was a pretty overwhelming victory. I am extremely impressed and somewhat shocked. :o

    The ones that impressed me were:
    France - why did I not like this before? :S I take back everything I ever said about it being a snoozefest. Classy and beautiful!
    Estonia - awesome as always.
    Moldova - Soooo freakin catchy...LOL
    Iceland - Cudos for beating Hadise in the semi, and for making a rather boring song sound so spectacular!

    The ones that disappointed me were:
    UKRAINE - OMG Sveta, that was WEAK...! You didn´t even take your clothes off... Spent all that money, and not even a top three. ROOOOOOOOFL!!
    Bosnia & Herzegovina - This song is sooo good! But when I watched it on stage, the magic was just... gone... (Still love them though!)

    Norway has Rybak-fever right now. He was everywhere before, but now it´s ridiculous. Hopefully the mania will slowly fade away, because I can´t keep pretending not to be sick of him and his song much longer...LOL:D

    See you next year in Oslo!
  20. CTP Jass hater

    From outside Europe, here's how this years entrants appear in our (Australian) itunes charts: With this kind of success, Alexander may even make it into the mainstream charts.

    Norway - #19
    Iceland #51
    Estonia #87
    Germany #98
    Portugal #112
    Armenia #117

    Sweden was in the top 100, but they've dropped out.

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