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The Second Team Edition

  1. I'm in. #Schapensof4life.
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  2. Zuñir This is Janet, not me

    I'd like to take part into this T2 Edition =)
  3. Teodor Moderator

    Nektarland is here too :yeah:
  4. swissBoy Active Member

  5. Fat Sandera Member

  6. ThatWelshOne Member

    Sounds great, count me in. :D

  8. Gian My avatar is fat and frumpy

    You can count me in ofc...I wonder who will have to cooperate with me :)
  9. EuroCusto Member

    I will participate too :)
  10. Jonny Ginger Tory Witch

    Jonny [9:11 PM]: Okay I'll confirm
  11. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    The pairing draw has been brought forward to this Saturday, 25th October, as everybody has confirmed their participation. The usual 26 players will form 13 teams, and will give you an extra period for negotiations with your partner.

    More details about how the draw will take place are to follow.
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  12. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The pairing draw will be split into 3 parts.

    Part A will only feature Dan, Marcio, Zunir (as they didn't enter T1) and Oswald (as his partner didn't enter T2). The intention is to pair these up together to discover which pot they will end up in. This will not be their eventual pairing in T2.

    Part B features all of the T1 teams (excluding Schapensof) plus the two pairings from Part A. The first six teams drawn will end up in Pot A. The remaining teams will enter Pot B. The actual team names from T1 won't be used in the draw, but rather, your own names. So "CTP and Hanita", "CTP2 and Miltz" etc (with the leader's name first, to simplify matters).

    This ensures that partners from T1 cannot be paired together again in T2.

    Parts A and B will take place back-to-back and will both use the spinning wheel. Then we'll have the anonymous recap for Edition 71. Part C immediately follows.

    Part C uses the fruit machine. The names of those who were not drawn in Part B will be entered into the fruit machine, in order of their finishing position in T1 (with leaders going first). The first name drawn from the fruit machine will be paired with the leader of the first T1 team that was drawn from Part B. The second name drawn in Part C ends up with the non-leader of the first T1 team drawn in Part B, and the third name drawn in Part C ends up with the leader of the second T1 team drawn in Part B etc. If, for example, "CTP and Hanita" were drawn first in Part B, followed by "CTP2 and Miltz", then the first name drawn from the fruit machine would be paired with CTP, the second paired with Hanita, the third paired with CTP2 and the fourth with Miltz. And so on.

    It might sound confusing but it really isn't. However, one (or more) of you will need to make a note of the order that teams are drawn in Part B, so you know the order of pairings in Part C.

    ANY questions?
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  13. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    For those who don't fully understand the system, I hope to make it clearer with an example.

    Example of the pairing draw for T2
    (WARNING: only an example, do NOT think this will be/have influence on the actual draw for T2)

    Part A: Dan, Marcio, Zuñir and Oswald are put in the spinner (see mgf 'w's post above)
    First drawn was Zuñir, then Dan, then Oswald, then Marcio.
    So the new pairs that will be put into the spinner are "Zuñir, Dan" and "Oswald, Marcio"

    Part B: ALL T1 teams except for Schapensof are put into the spinner (in a way of "captain, non-captain")
    "Zuñir, Dan" and "Oswald, Marcio" were also put into the spinner.
    First drawn was "Julio, Janet", then "Mina, Nessie" until "Rua, Teo"(see below). The remaining 6 pairs were put into pot B.
    >pot A: Julio, Janet - Mina, Nessie - Chris, Nick - James, Sandera - Oswald, Marcio - Rua, Teo
    >pot B: Wiggles, Gen - Curtis, Gian - Bas, Luis - Zuñir, Dan - Anette, Sok - TWO, Jonny

    Part C: The people of pot B are put into a new spinner, the order doesn't matter as it spins at random.
    The person drawn first on the spinner (so one of the pot B people) forms a team with Julio, the second person gets Janet, the third will get Mina, the fourth Nessie, the fifth Chris, the sixth Nick, the seventh James, the eighth Sandera, the ninth Oswald, the tenth Marcio, the eleventh Rua and Teo will get the 12th (the remaining person). SO this just follows the order of Pot A. This means the order of pot A is important and should be noted.

    If I made any mistake on who's the captain for example, or if there are any questions, post them into the forum, I'm sure there'll be someone who can explain it to you.
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  14. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    DO remember the draw takes place at 21:30 UK time tomorrow, Saturday 25th October.
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  15. DenDutch Well-Known Member

    T2 Teams

    I'm not going to explain the full thing again, that can be seen on either mgf 'w's post or my example (both on this forum), but for who missed the show, for who everything went too quickly, or for who just wants to read it: here it is.

    Part A: "Oswald, Zuñir" and "Dan, Marcio" were drawn in part A.

    Part B: The pots were drawn as follows:
    • Pot A: Curt, Gian - Dan, Marcio - Mgf A'dam, Luis - Anette, Sok - Rua, Teo - Chris, Nick
    • Pot B: James, Sandera - TWO, Jonny - Wiggles, Gen - Mina, Nessie - Julio, Janet - Oswald, Zuñir
    Part C: The final teams for T2 were drawn as follows:
    1. Curt, Janet
    2. Gian, Nessie
    3. Dan, Jonny
    4. Marcio, Zuñir
    5. Mgf A'dam, Gen
    6. Luis, James
    7. Anette, Mina
    8. Sok, Wiggles
    9. Rua, Sandera
    10. Teo, TWO
    11. Chris, Julio
    12. Nick, Oswald
    13. Schaap, Denniston (not drawn ofc)
    That means the left ones were from pot A, the ones on the right pot B, with the exception of and Schaap and me.
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  16. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    You may now enter negotiations with your partner. Decide together on your:
    • Team name
    • Flag (600x400 pixels)
    • Leader (you are strongly advised to let the person that was not the leader in T1 be the leader this time, if that applies to your team)
    • Song video, including mutually agreed recap time (start time and duration between 20-25s)
    Both parties must send me a PM with the above information between now and 7th November. Songs will be revealed on 9th November and the voting window will open on that date until 30th November, by which time I must have received your individual votes as well as your voting audio/video clip. Remember, you vote independently, and must not confer or reveal your votes to anybody, and that includes your partner.

    Keep everything secret, including your team name, flag etc, so there can be a grand reveal on the recap night.
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  17. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    ALSO note that teams are recommended to additionally submit a backup song in case their first song is taken by another T2 team, OR in case someone submits it to #72, because the #72 submission window opens and closes before the T2 songs are revealed, and #72 takes precedence.

    #72 takes precedence because it's a normal edition, and T2 is a spinoff, and spinoffs must not have any detrimental impact on normal editions.
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  18. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    BE aware that the full songs, flags and all that shit are now available on the contest website.

    Vote via private message and remember to attach your audio or video voting clip to the message. You will be announcing the whole set of 1-12 points and not just your top 3. The deadline is 30th November. Also remember you are voting independently and you must not confer with - or reveal your voting intentions to - your partner.

    Make sure you rank all songs (excluding your own) in your private message, but only announce the points for your top 10 in your clip.

    Only vote when you have a complete set of green ticks on the contest site, otherwise your votes will be rejected.
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    Do you have a preference for the aspect of the video? (Portrait or landscape).
  20. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    LARRRRRRNDscape, as you'd say. Also do admire the T2 logo won't you. Thanks Janet.
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