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The Seventh Team Edition

  1. Güneç Gülün Active Member

  2. Genesis2703 Pointless

    I'd love to take part! hopefully my schedule clears up a bit soon! (or maybe my partner would prefer otherwise :D )
  3. dan Bald Member

    Count me in :)

  5. jaylouise123 New Member

    go on then as long as i aint got him again
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  6. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    ^_^ :up:
  7. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The first three teams to be announced in The Seventh Team Edition are:
    • Das Boot
    • Wunderneath
    • Trevor
    Three more will be announced tomorrow. Feel free to guess which members may be participating as these team pairings, but please do not confirm or deny your involvement in any team.
  8. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    • Das Boot wiggles and ronini
    • Wunderneath busty and ana
    • Trevor janet and james
  9. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    Das Boot - I'm going to guess Chris and Norm for this one, basically down to the fact that it's a german film and Chris strikes me as somebody who would particularly enjoy a good viewing.

    Wunderneath - I'll put dan and Julio down for this one - they both sent Wincent Weiss in the past.

    Trevor - like Trevor McDonald? Sokko and Anette because the idea of the two of them being tacked with him amuses me.
  10. Wiggles Administrator

    • Das Boot - janet and norman
    • Wunderneath - berk and nessie
    • Trevor - ana and anette
  11. Julio STRANGLES

    Das Boot - Nessie and Ron because a quick google search says there is a movie about a submarine on a journey between Germany France and Spain
    Wunderneath - Nick and Berk because somehow i associate the name with Holland and Germany
    Trevor - a combo of the portuguese word trevo and its translation into english clover so Teo and Pedro
  12. Ronini SHIT Taste Central

    Das Boot: Wiggles and mrvirgo
    Wunderneath: Nessie and Nick
    Trevor: sok and Adam
  13. Das Boot - Ron and Peter
    Wunderneath - Janet and Mina
    Trevor - Sok and Adam
  14. Teodor Moderator

    Das Boot: Ben and Sok
    Wunderneath: Dan and Berk
    Trevor: James and Rua
  15. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    Das Boot - nick and Rua
    Wunderneath - cutiepie and Ro
    Trevor - pedro and jayne

    Das Boot - Janet and Pedro enjoying a sub together
    Wunderneath - James and Ron wundering what to send
    Trevor - Julio and Nessie playing Welsh
  17. Mina Member with a "past"

    Das Boot - Ron and Janet
    Wunderneath - Nick and James
    Trevor - Rua and Pedro


    I have long been convinced that Chris and Ron are in a team together, so the immediate thought is that Das Boot is them as it's a German film - and series. (It's great btw if you haven't seen it; the series is better than the film just by virtue that it's all there, uncut.) But that doesn't really have any Chris-type relevance. However, Wunderneath could be them for the wunder(bar) Ron, and Chris ofc finds himself underneath us all geographically. So I shall go with Wunderneath for them.

    So Das Boot - Ana who likes a nice pair of boots and Milton, who is always getting the boot/kicked.

    Trevor - Sok and Rigmo, not named after Sir Trevor McDonald (as if Sok would allow that) but after the other Sir Trevor: Brooking. Memories of when England were great(er than they are now). Rigmo is so amenable he'll agree to anything.
  19. James ... and his things xD

    • Das Boot - Norman (only Germans are proud of that boat) and Bas (it was in La Rochelle where he was a digital nomad)
    • Wunderneath - Teodor and Hanita (wunder sounds Geman, Teodor is a wunderful person <<)
    • Trevor - Genesis and Daisy (probably the name of one of their lovers)
  20. Pedro Member

    Das Boot - Ronini and Bas
    Wunderneath - Dan and Milton
    Trevor - James and Teodor

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