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The Sixth Team Edition


    Tico and Teco - Adam (cos he's got a tic) and Teo (+c)
    Bergodan - Wiggles (ice berg) and Dan
    Vancruza - Rigmo (just because I don't think I've said him) and Pedro (because cruza sounds a bit Portuguese)
    The Empty Biscuit Tin - Definitely Chris, who's always banging on about not having any biscuits and Rua, who has eaten them all.

    I do realise I have said some people (at least) twice and some people not at all. WTWAT that's just the way it is.

    Giant guess dump incoming:

    Cirque de Quark - Gen will provide the circus and Günec the cheese
    Gibson Enhancements - Nick and Mina could be into some Mel Gibson
    Nineties Revivalists - Sok and Nessie bringing all the best Aqua tracks back to life
    Utopia - Ana and Dan in a utopian land
    The Buckfast Bees - JW and RUA creating a buzz
    Paper Birds - Adam and Wiggles flying not falling down from the rooftops
    Crimea River - Sounds like something I would come up with and as Curtis is me, this has to be him. Probably got Pedro to go along with the sadness
    Empire - Darth has her name written all over this, with Anette following her to the dark side
    Tico & Teco - Luis and Julio creating a fresh new supermarket chain
    Bergodan - The Dan bit is a trap, these are Evi and ron
    Vancruza - CTP and Adam at a bad beach resort
    Komsulares - James and Virgo because I'm running out of ideas
    The Empty Biscuit Tin - Somehow Janet and Anette again
  3. Tico & Teco: Nessie and Teo
    Bergodan: Berk and Dan
    Vancruza: Evi and Luis
    The Empty Biscuit Tin: Chris and Janet
  4. Pedro Member

    The Buckfast Bees: James and Milton
    Paper Birds: Janet and BAS
    Crimea River: Ron and Luis
    Tico & Teco: Jayne and Soky
    Bergodan: dan and mrvirgo
    Vancruza: Janet and BAS
    The Empty Biscuit Tin: Wiggles and dan
  5. Genesis2703 Pointless

    • The Buckfast Bees: Ana and Rua
    • Paper Birds: Eviken and Julio (?????? - I've defo messed this up somewhere)
    • Crimea River: jw and Jayne
    • Tico & Teco: Teo and Luis
    • Bergodan: Berk and Dan
    • Vancruza: Ro and Curtis (haven't said either yet....)
    • The Empty Biscuit Tin: Janet and CTP
  6. James ... and his things xD

    • The Buckfast Bees; boby and berk
    • Paper Birds: teodor and curtis
    • Crimea River: genesis and ctp
  7. James ... and his things xD

    • Tico & Teco: bas and wiggles
    • Bergodan: jw and berk
    • Vancruza: harvey and jayne
    • The Empty Biscuit Tin: nessie and hanita
  8. Mina Member with a "past"

    Tico & Teco: Ron and Teo
    Bergodan: Berk and Dan
    Vancruza: Jayne and Adam
    The Empty Biscuit Tin: jj and Nessie
  9. CTP Jass hater

    Tico & Teco: Pedro and Nessie
    Bergodan: Berk and Dan
    Vancruza: Luis and Nick
    The Empty Biscuit Tin: Janet and Curtis

    I've definitely re-used a couple of names, but never mind.
  10. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    The flags of the teams participating in The Sixth Team Edition are:

    For your convenience, the team names are as follows:
    • Bergodan
    • Cirque de Quark
    • Crimea River
    • Empire
    • Gibson Enhancements
    • Komsulares
    • Nineties Revivalists
    • Paper Birds
    • The Buckfast Bees
    • The Empty Biscuit Tin
    • Tico & Teco
    • Utopia
    • Vancruza
    Feel free to guess which flags may represent each team, and you may post new guesses about the constitution of the team pairings, but please do not confirm or deny your involvement in any team or drop any hints regarding your flag.

    The songs will be revealed tomorrow around 9pm UK time, after the conclusion of the football.
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  11. sokrates1988 I HATE EUROVISION

    Chunky and Julio are in a team :D ill go with Utopia for them
  12. Rua Haldor Lægreid Impersonator

    In order from left to right with the flags
    Bergodan: berk and dan
    Vancruza: Roy Orbison looking flag is the 2nd one so James and Luis.
    Utopia - Rigmo and Julio for the third flag.
    Gibson Enhancements - The fourth flag belonging to jw and Wiggles.
    Empire: The fifth flag, Nick and Mina.
    Tico & Teco - The sixth flag, that's a flying squirrel and I'll go with Nessie and Pedro for this one.
    Cirque de Quark - Norm providing cheese and Sokko providing the circus.
    Komsulares: Gunec and Teo.
    The Buckfast Bees - jw (since I have to guess someone twice) and mgf BAS.
    The Empty Biscuit Tin: The 10th flag as it resembles a biscuit, I'll also guess this is made up of Chris and Janet.
    Nineties Revivalists - Ana and Evi waiting for their chance at 90s glory - the 11th flag.
    Paper Birds: Curtis and Anette - the 12th flag.
    Crimea River: That crying eye flag, clearly - I'll go with Milton and Jayne for this.
  13. Ronini SHIT Taste Central

    Flag 1: Bergodan - mrvirgo and dan
    Flag 2: 90s Revivalists - Anette and eviken
    Flag 3: The Buckfast Bees - Julio and Rua
    Flag 4: Utopia - jayne and Wiggles
    Flag 5: Vancruza - Nick and Luis
    Flag 6: Tico & Teco - Nessie and Teodor
    Flag 7: Cirque de Quark: Genesis and sok
    Flag 8: Gibson Enhancements: Janet and Wiggles
    Flag 9: Empire - Nick and Rua
    Flag 10: Komsulares - Güneç and dan
    Flag 11: Crimea River - Ana and Genesis
    Flag 12: Paper Birds - Janet and Pedro
    Flag 13: The Empty Biscuit Tin - jw and CTP
  14. James ... and his things xD

    From left to right:

    1. Empire: the signs could refer to an empire - Boby and Dan
    2. Vancruzia: it sounds like a summerplace -
    3. Utopia: Julio and Rua (signs in the flag seem obvious)
    4. Bergodan: Jw and Berk
    5. Komsulares: Hanita and Luis: it looks a bit hanita style
    6. Tico and Teco: mina and anette as they are old bats
    7. Cirque de Quark: Eviken and Genesis, based on their flag
    8. The empty biscuit bin: Saisy and Harvey
    9. The Buckfast Bees: Boby (wasp) and Bas
    10. Gibson Enchancements: Sok and Wiggles
    11. Crimea River: CTP and Anette
    12. Paper Birds: Curtis and Nessie colours of Villa Badia)
    13. Nineties Revivalists: Gunec and Peterp
  15. NickEmpel BURGER AND FRIES

    From left to right:

    The Buckfast Bees - Gibson Enhancements - Utopia - Crimea River - Empire
    Cirque de Quark - Komsulares - Bergodan - Vancruza - The Empty Biscuit Tin
    Tico & Teco - Paper Birds - Nineties Revivalists
  16. From left to right:

    1. Cirque de Quark: James and Adam
    2. Nineties Revivalists: Ana and Peter
    3. The Buckfast Bees: jw and Jayne
    4. Tico & Teco: Julio and Pedro
    5. Gibson Enhancements: Ben and Ron
    6. Crimea River: Mina and Gen
    7. Komsulares: Nessie and Teo
    8. The Empty Biscuit Tin: Chris and Janet
    9. Empire: Nick and Rua
    10. Bergodan: Berk and Dan
    11. Vancruza: Eviken and Luis
    12. Paper Birds: Curt and Gen
    13. Utopia: Sok and Gunec
  17. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    1. Bergodan - Dan & Virgo
    2. Gibson Enhancements - Adam & Nessie
    3. The Buckfast Bees - Rua & Júlio
    4. Komsulares - Güneç & Teodor
    5. Vancruza - Nick & Luis
    6. Cirque de Quark - Wiggles & Ro
    7. Tico & Teco - Genesis & Pedro
    8. Empty Biscuit Tin - Janet & CTP
    9. Utopia - Sok & Wiggles
    10. Nineties Revivalists - Mina & Eviken
    11. Empire - jw & Jayne
    12. Paper Birds - Anette & James
    13. Crimea River - Rigmo & Curtis


    Oh I've got Ron twice. Who haven't I got?

    HFA Nessie. Nessie can be a Nineties Revivalist (because of the glasses).

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