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The Third Eurovision Edition

  1. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy


    And here we are, Luis, all the rest of us trying to make a serious contribution to the debate...
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    I get what the people who are for it are saying, but I also get what Júlio says.
    Personally, I'm for it. I think it makes our contest more interesting for the guests and non-participating members.
    I'm not worried about the fact that Turkish people would go and diaspora vote their 'own' entries, simply because they'll get only 29 out of 1160 possible points to give out.
    However, there is one thing I do wonder: I don't think that there should be a forum post/thread saying: tonight guests can vote.
    Imo that will attract spammers who just want that one entry from their country to win.
    When guests come in to chat, they should just be told: if you want, stay for the entire contest and then vote as a guest jury!
    And obviously, the contest starts at 8pm UK and only those who are present when the first song starts should be eligible to vote.
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  4. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    I'm for it, but understand the concerns. There, all better<<

    and who have remained throughout

  7. Oh, I missed this thread, but I agree with Nick.
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    i like the idea. it's only a set of points shared between jw and the guests. sounds quite reasonable and it won't bias anything. it's not like if each of them is having his own set.
  9. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    It's people like you who made Cameron our PM.

  10. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Right then. The running order draw took place earlier today hosted by the glamorous Liam S. Clark :D


    Obviously since anonymity is key, the songs themselves and the senders weren't revealed. Instead, each song was allocated a number (using a formula that will be revealed after the show to prove it is not fixed - but it is not the order of submission) and our fine host selected the order of those numbers.

    The results of the draw are as follows:
    1. SONG 12
    2. SONG 1
    3. SONG 7
    4. SONG 19
    5. SONG 3
    6. SONG 5
    7. SONG 9
    8. SONG 6
    9. SONG 16
    10. SONG 2
    11. SONG 15
    12. SONG 21
    13. SONG 18
    14. SONG 4
    15. SONG 14
    16. SONG 8
    17. SONG 13
    18. SONG 17
    19. SONG 10
    20. SONG 11
    21. SONG 20
    We have 20 participants so far. If Pepe doesn't submit (he's still deciding), his song will be removed from the list and the other positions will remain as they are.
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  11. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.


    Unless you've all been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you'll know the day of destiny is almost here and we go live for the first time in our history this Saturday for E3.

    So, I thought I should let you all know about the planned schedule of events.

    Saturday 19th May 2012
    (All times UK)

    19:00: Country Nights 2012: Switzerland
    19:50: Ten minute countdown
    20:00: The Third Eurovision Edition: Part 1 (The Songs)
    21:58: Voting window opens
    22:18: Voting window closes
    22:31: End of Part 1
    22:45: The Third Eurovision Edition: Part 2 (The Results)

    As you can see, there is absolute precision timing regarding the voting window, so for that reason the show must start exactly on time and cannot be delayed for any reason. Please get there early. Show your support by attending our warm up Switzerland night at 7pm, but if you can't, please at least arrive by 7:45pm at the absolute latest. If you're not there, we won't wait, you'll be disqualified and you'll never be able to enter the contest again.

    A few people who previously informed me that they can't attend have been given the songs already to vote early. If you haven't received the songs by now, it's assumed that you will be present for the live show where attendance is compulsory. If you can't attend, please let me know before Saturday and be prepared to vote early.

    FYI Mina: Pay attention, there is no toilet break until 10:31pm UK time, so relieve yourself before we start. And bring a bottle, just in case. :D

    See you on Saturday.

    i wont be able to be for switzerland night because i have to have dinner and the dinner hall opens the earliest at 19.00 wim. i'll have dinner quick with some amount of anglosaxon people living here that think that having dinner at 20.00cet is better than having it an hour and a half later like the rest. but anyway, i'll be there for sure, i dont think that later than 19.45 but, in case of, it's just a little delay, i most probably be opening my door at that moment. oh, and i'll leave escchat open during my dinner i suppose.
    nothing else, just thank you in advance jw for this new experience :D
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  13. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

    Behafe, plis.

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