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Updated country threads...

  1. Estêvão Did you ever know that you're (JW) my hero

    Upon re-organising the forums, I decided to keep all of the old country threads we had (my apologies if I accidently deleted anyone's country thread).

    The purpose of this new subfolder is to update your country info to coincide with the new continent we have. (BTW, the continent has an official name now: "Avalon"). For example, since my country (Lusitânia) and Ollie's country (Fusonia) share a border, I should describe how we get along, and my country's relations with others.

    I will also be including lots of minutae details about my country. No one needs to go as in-depth as I will, but it just helps to give a bigger impression of your country.

    Once you have a NEW thread for your country (do not update the old thread), I will then remove the old thread so only the new one with updated info is remaining.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's updated info! :D

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