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WC betting game PHASE TWO!!!!

  1. Eurovizz Member

    GREAT :) :pk:
  2. Thomas Member


    1. James: 8 points
    2. Arben: 6 points
    3. Thomas; Vizzy: 5 points
    4. Mina; Nick; Jonny: 4 points
    5. Alexis: 2 points
  3. Arben The Flag Lover


    1. James, 8 points
    2. Arben, 6 points
    3. Thomas Vizz, 5 points
    4. Mina Jonny Nick, 4 points
    5. Alexis, 2 points
  4. Arben The Flag Lover

    thank you thomas for your help :) but it was only yesterday that i asked for somebody else to do the standings :D
    I am back to do the updates again

    if you are faster than me next time u can ofc post that in the chat :D:D
    but we wont need double posts in here
  5. Thomas Member

    Well it's not my fault either and I waited a long time some other days for the results so it was meant for the impatient people to see the results earlier and those who aren't watch your scoreboard instead so I didn't need a reply to my post and I was trying to remove the message since I was fearing your reaction after I saw your message minutes later but it was not possible and then you had already posted your reaction anyway so I could not even replace my previous message by something else. I intended to quickly remove the post in case you would post the results minutes later but unfortunately you had already seen my message and there's nothing I could do to protect myself. And I didn't see you connected while I was editing the results and didn't claim you had asked for someone to edit results after yesterday, so my message was only meant for those who are nervously checking the thread lots of times until the results are edited.
  6. Arben The Flag Lover

    calm down, i said THANK YOU hello. pls that means i reckoned your intention was good-meant...
    dont feel attacked

    And btw, for the reason u often waited soo long, i havent seen you that often in the chat right after the last game of a day...where i told people who were there that im doing the update in some minutes... stop acusing me.
  7. Luis DLC I spread Eurovision joy in the US, oy

  8. Arben The Flag Lover

  9. Thomas Member

    I didn't accuse you of anything since I said "It's not my fault EITHER" which means that it was nobody's fault and by saying "I waited a long time some days" I didn't claim that you had to edit the results, just that I have the right to post the results (and remove them if someone posts them, for example, which I unfortunately didn't have the time to), so "waited" was used only to justify why I posted the message. I didn't claim that you didn't inform people in the chat that you were editing the results some evenings, I only said that I had the right to post the results even though there is a risk that someone posts them minutes later. And since it happened there was still no need to accuse me and write these sentences: "but it was only yesterday that i asked for somebody else to do the standings (...) but we wont need double posts in here", because I never claimed that you had asked for someone to do the standings the following days as well. I took the risk because I didn't see you connected and I am not everytime in the chat and I am not claiming that you have to be in the chat. And I wasn't going to keep on sending the results after what had previously happened, I don't need to be criticized if I have an idea and try it and unfortunately do it an evening when you post the results early, this can happen and if such things happen you ignore it unless the same thing happens again, but if there are sentences that criticize me I have to take my defence. so stop accusing me.
  10. Arben The Flag Lover

    well i meant well with you, i wasnt bitching around in any way,

    but to be clear: you have no right to post the standings, as the official results are part of the game and therefore job for the host.
    If u had asked before whether it would be ok to post the results until the official results are in, i wouldnt have said you cant, but under these cirsumstances i have to be strict...
  11. Thomas Member

    I used the word "right" in a police context, like I wasn't going to be taken to jail or be punished for that since it was a random harmless idea. the thread was created in an entertainment spirit so that when things happen creating double thread situations, new rules are subsequently officially stated.
  12. James ... and his things xD

  13. jw HI. I'M ADAM SCOTT.

    Go :pk: ;D

    AMAZING 7-0 VICTORY FOR THE NORTH KOREAN COMRADES :pk: :pk: :pk: :pk: :pk: :pk: :pk:
  14. Scheeples ©

    :pk: the official number one in the world in JUCHEBALL.

    ALL HAIL. ;D
  15. Eurovizz Member

    Bets for June 22nd - June 25th:

    22nd June:
    Mexico - Uruguay: Mexico wins. (2-1)
    France - South Africa: South Africa wins. (0-1)
    Nigeria - South Korea: South Korea wins. (0-2)
    Greece - Argentina: Argentina wins. (0-3)

    23rd June:
    Slovenia - England: Slovenia wins. (1-0)
    USA - Algeria: USA wins. (2-0)
    Ghana - Germany: Germany wins. (0-3)
    Australia - Serbia: Serbia wins. (0-2)

    24th June:
    Slovakia - Italy: Italy wins. (0-2)
    Paraguay - New Zealand: Paraguay wins. (3-1)
    Denmark - Japan: Japan wins. (1-2)
    Cameroon - Holland: Holland win. (0-3)

    25th June:
    North Korea - Cote D'Ivoire: Ivory Coast wins. (0-2)
    Portugal - Brazil: Brazil wins. (0-2)
    Switzerland - Honduras: Switzerland wins. (1-0)
    Chile - Spain: Chile wins. (2-1)
  16. Arben The Flag Lover

    Bets for June 22nd - June 25th:

    22nd June:
    Mexico - Uruguay: 3:1
    France - South Africa: 2:0
    Nigeria - South Korea: 0:2
    Greece - Argentina: 1:3

    23rd June:
    Slovenia - England: 2:1
    USA - Algeria: 3:2
    Ghana - Germany: 1:2
    Australia - Serbia: 1:1

    24th June:
    Slovakia - Italy: 0:2
    Paraguay - New Zealand: 1:0
    Denmark - Japan: 1:1
    Cameroon - Holland: 0:3

    25th June:
    North Korea - Cote D'Ivoire: 2:2
    Portugal - Brazil: 1:3
    Switzerland - Honduras: 3:0
    Chile - Spain: 2:1
  17. Arben The Flag Lover


    1. James, 15 amazin' points
    2. Arben, 9 points
    3. Thomas Mina, 8 points
    4. Vizz, 7 points
    5. Jonny, 6 points
    6. Nick, 4 points
    7. Alexis, 3 points
  18. Arben The Flag Lover


    1. James, 18 points
    2. Mina, 14 points
    3. Thomas 12 points
    4. Arben, 11 points
    5. Vizz, 10 points
    6. Jonny, 9 points
    7. Nick, 7 points
    8. Alexis, 5 points
  19. Eurovizz Member

  20. Arben The Flag Lover


    1. James, 22 points
    2. Mina, 18 points
    3. Thomas 16 points
    4. Arben, 15 points
    5. Jonny, 13 points
    6. Nick Vizz, 12 points
    7. Alexis, 6 points

    Todays facts:
    Nick made most points with 5 points, though only he lost the germany game.
    Today there were 5/8 players scoring with 4 points, rare.
    There was an unsual amount of 2 pointers today. (8 times)
    Alexis starts an immense catch-up race with 1 point today.

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