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Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest

  • Armenia
    Number of participations: 13

    Debut: 2006 - Greece (Athens)

    Recent: 2017 - Ukraine (Kyiv)

Songs sent by Armenia

Draw Participant Entry % of max points Edition Points Position
01 Armenia Walking Out
-9999- 2019 -9999-9999-
16 Armenia Qami
Sevak Khanagyan
-9999- 2018 -9999-9999-
05 Armenia Fly With Me
-9999- 2017 7918
26 Armenia LoveWave
Iveta Mukuchyan
-9999- 2016 2497
06 Armenia Face The Shadow
7.26% 2015 3416
07 Armenia Not Alone
Aram MP3
40.28% 2014 1744
12 Armenia Lonely Planet
Gor Sujyan
8.99% 2013 4118
04 Armenia Boom Boom
22.50% 2011 -94654
21 Armenia Apricot Stone
Eva Rivas
30.92% 2010 1417
09 Armenia Jan Jan
Inga & Anush
18.70% 2009 9210
05 Armenia Qele, Qele
39.48% 2008 1994
23 Armenia Anytime You Need
28.05% 2007 1388
24 Armenia Without Your Love
29.05% 2006 1298

Points exchange

Showing the points Armenia has received - click here to switch to see the points given.

Armenia has given the most sets of 12 points (8) to Russia. The most sets of 12 points (7) have been received from Russia.

12 Points Given 12 Points Received
8 times to Russia7 times from Russia
4 times to Georgia5 times from Belgium
3 times to Ukraine5 times from France
Once to Belarus5 times from The Netherlands
Once to Iceland4 times from Georgia
Once to Montenegro3 times from the Czech Republic
Twice from Cyprus
Twice from Greece
Twice from Israel
Twice from Poland
Once from Austria
Once from Spain
Once from Turkey
Once from Ukraine

Successes and failures of Armenia

The following chart shows the results of Armenia in all editions of the Eurovision Song Contest that Armenia has participated in. The blocks represent the number of participants in each contest. The worm line shows the results of Armenia in each contest. A lower plot point means a better result. Hover over each plot point for detailed information.

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All songs awarded points by Armenia

You can see all the songs that Armenia gave points to on a separate page here. It is too big to list here.

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