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San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest

  • San Marino
    Number of participations: 10

    Debut: 2008 - Serbia (Belgrade)

    Recent: 2017 - Ukraine (Kyiv)

Songs sent by San Marino

Draw Participant Entry % of max points Edition Points Position
07 San Marino Say Na Na Na
-9999- 2019 -9999-9999-
04 San Marino Who We Are
Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening
-9999- 2018 -9999-9999-
10 San Marino Spirit of the Night
Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson
-9999- 2017 -9991
08 San Marino I Didn't Know
-9999- 2016 -93268
03 San Marino Chain Of Lights
Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini
4.58% 2015 -98911
25 San Marino Maybe
Valentina Monetta
3.24% 2014 1424
02 San Marino Crisalide (Vola)
Valentina Monetta
20.61% 2013 -95347
11 San Marino The Social Network Song
Valentina Monetta
12.92% 2012 -96931
12 San Marino Stand By
14.17% 2011 -96634
05 San Marino Complice
2.08% 2008 -9955

Points exchange

Showing the points San Marino has received - click here to switch to see the points given.

San Marino has given the most sets of 12 points (4) to Greece and has never received 12 points from any participant.

12 Points Given 12 Points Received
4 times to Greece
Once to Albania
Once to Azerbaijan
Once to Ireland
Once to Italy
Once to Latvia
Once to Malta
Once to The Netherlands
Once to Sweden

Successes and failures of San Marino

The following chart shows the results of San Marino in all editions of the Eurovision Song Contest that San Marino has participated in. The blocks represent the number of participants in each contest. The worm line shows the results of San Marino in each contest. A lower plot point means a better result. Hover over each plot point for detailed information.

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All songs awarded points by San Marino

You can see all the songs that San Marino gave points to on a separate page here. It is too big to list here.

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