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Calendar - 2018 National finals


    Below you can find a calendar of all selection shows taking place, including semis and heats. This page will be updated and the individual country threads will be hyperlinked on the final of each show.


    20th January:
    :hu: A Dal - Heat 1
    :fr: Destination Eurovision - Semi 2
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Show 2

    21st January:
    :ro: Selectia Nationala - Semi 1

    27th January:
    :hu: A Dal - Heat 2
    :fr: Destination Eurovision - Final
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Show 3

    28th January:
    :ro: Selectia Nationala - Semi 2

    29th January:
    :cz: Euro Song CZ - Results
    :es: Operación Triunfo - Eurovision Gala


    3rd February:
    :mt: Malta Eurovision Song Contest
    :se: Melodifestivalen - Semi 1
    :hu: A Dal - Heat 3
    :lv: Supernova - Heat 1
    :am: Depi Evratesil - Show 1
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Show 4

    4th February:
    :ch: Die Große Entscheidungsshow
    :ro: Selectia Nationala - Semi 3

    6th February:
    :it: Sanremo - Show 1

    7th February:
    :it: Sanremo - Show 2
    :uk: Eurovision: You Decide

    8th February:
    :it: Sanremo - Show 3

    9th February:
    :it: Sanremo - Show 4
    :sm: 1in360 - Show 1

    10th February:
    :it: Sanremo - Final
    :dk: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix
    :hu: A Dal - Semi 1
    :ee: Eesti Laul - Semi 1
    :lv: Supernova - Heat 2
    :se: Melodifestivalen - Semi 2
    :is: Söngvakeppnin - Semi 1
    :ua: Vidbir - Semi 1
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Show 5

    11th February:
    :ro: Selectia Nationala - Semi 4

    16th February:
    :by: Eurofest
    :sm: 1in360 - Show 2

    17th February:
    :me: Montevizija
    :si: EMA - Semi
    :hu: A Dal - Semi 2
    :ee: Eesti Laul - Semi 2
    :se: Melodifestivalen - Semi 3
    :is: Söngvakeppnin - Semi 2
    :ua: Vidbir - Semi 2
    :lv: Supernova - Semi
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Show 6

    18th February:
    :pt: Festival da Canção - Semi 1
    :ro: Selectia Nationala - Semi 5

    20th February:
    :rs: Beovizija

    22nd February:
    :de: Unser Lied für Lissabon
    :gr: Ellinikós Tellikós

    24th February:
    :hu: A Dal - Final
    :ua: Vidbir - Final
    :am: Depi Evratesil - Final
    :md: O Melodie pentru Europa - Final
    :si: EMA - Final
    :lv: Supernova - Final
    :se: Melodifestivalen - Semi 4
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Show 7

    25th February:
    :pt: Festival da Canção - Semi 2
    :ro: Selectia Nationala - Final


    3rd March:
    :fi: Uuden Musikiin Kilpailu - Saara Aalto
    :ee: Eesti Laul - Final
    :is: Söngvakeppnin - Final
    :pl: Krajowe Eliminacje
    :sm: 1in360 - Final
    :se: Melodifestivalen - Andra Chansen
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Semi
    :nl: Song announcement

    4th March:
    :pt: Festival da Canção - Final

    10th March:
    :se: Melodifestivalen - Final
    :no: Melodi Grand Prix

    11th March:
    :lt: Eurovizijos - Final

    12th March:
    :bg: Song & Artist reveal
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  2. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    It is rumoured that San Marino will have four heats, eliminating two acts each time, on 27 January, 28 January, 3 February, and 10 February, with a final on 27 February.

    Thanks for building this and for updating it with the links, it is very useful!

    Indeed, that's what we think for San Marino. Also, Poland reportedly on 3rd March...
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    We now know the dates of all NFs!
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  5. Anaconda I'm as sick as fuck.

    I was updating my own calendar, and what I noticed was that Armenia's final is announced for the 25th February (instead of the 24th) - could you confirm please? Thanks!

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