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Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest

  • Hungary
    Number of participations: 17

    Debut: 1994 - Ireland (Dublin)

    Recent: 2017 - Ukraine (Kyiv)

Songs sent by Hungary

Draw Participant Entry % of max points Edition Points Position
07 Hungary Az én apám
Joci Pápai
-9999- 2019 -9999-9999-
21 Hungary Viszlát nyár
-9999- 2018 -9999-9999-
08 Hungary Origo
Joci Pápai
-9999- 2017 2008
05 Hungary Pioneer
-9999- 2016 10819
22 Hungary Wars For Nothing
4.06% 2015 1920
21 Hungary Running
András Kállay-Saunders
33.10% 2014 1435
17 Hungary Kedvesem
18.42% 2013 8410
02 Hungary Sound Of Our Hearts
Compact Disco
3.86% 2012 1924
05 Hungary What About My Dreams?
Kati Wolf
10.52% 2011 5322
11 Hungary Dance With Me
Zoli Ádok
6.35% 2009 -98416
15 Hungary Candlelight
2.38% 2008 -9946
08 Hungary Unsubstantial Blues
Magdi Rúzsa
26.02% 2007 1289
01 Hungary Forogj Világ
21.27% 2005 9712
11 Hungary A Holnap Már Ném Lesz Szomorú
1.39% 1998 423
19 Hungary Miert Kell, Hogy Elmenj?
13.54% 1997 3912
13 Hungary Ùj Nèv Egy Règi Hàz Fàlan
Czaba Szigeti
1.14% 1995 322
22 Hungary Kinek Mondjam El Vétkeimet
Friderika Bayer
42.36% 1994 1224

Points exchange

Showing the points Hungary has received - click here to switch to see the points given.

Hungary has given the most sets of 12 points (4) to Azerbaijan. The most sets of 12 points (3) have been received from Finland.

12 Points Given 12 Points Received
4 times to Azerbaijan3 times from Finland
3 times to The NetherlandsTwice from Poland
Twice to IcelandTwice from Serbia
Twice to SerbiaOnce from Belgium
Once to BelgiumOnce from Denmark
Once to CyprusOnce from Estonia
Once to DenmarkOnce from Germany
Once to FinlandOnce from Iceland
Once to GermanyOnce from Ireland
Once to GreeceOnce from Montenegro
Once to NorwayOnce from Sweden
Once to RomaniaOnce from Switzerland
Once to Russia
Once to Sweden
Once to the United Kingdom

Successes and failures of Hungary

The following chart shows the results of Hungary in all editions of the Eurovision Song Contest that Hungary has participated in. The blocks represent the number of participants in each contest. The worm line shows the results of Hungary in each contest. A lower plot point means a better result. Hover over each plot point for detailed information.

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All songs awarded points by Hungary

You can see all the songs that Hungary gave points to on a separate page here. It is too big to list here.

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